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Famous Muslim Restaurants in Shenzhen

If you can only accept Muslim Halal food, finding a Muslim restaurant while traveling in Shenzhen will be a necessary for tourists. In Shenzhen, there are a couple of popular Muslim restaurants serving strict Halal food with clean and comfortable environment.

Muslim Hotel Restaurant

Chinese Name: 穆斯林宾馆清真餐厅
Cuisine: Local Shenzhen Muslim Cuisine
Add: Floor 2, Muslim Hotel, No. 1023, Wenjin South Road, Luohu district, Shenzhen (罗湖区文锦南路2013号穆斯林宾馆2楼)
Tel: 0755-82259664
Hours: 08:00 am to 11:00 pm
How to get there: Take bus 40, 97, 242, 69, 372, 382, 83, or 387, and get off at Wen Jin Nan Road station

Muslim Hotel Restaurant is a famous Islamic restaurant in Shenzhen that offer great Halal food. The highly recommended dishes in this place would Da Pan Ji Chicken with potato and green pepper, boiled lamb mixed with rice and spicy kebabs. You should really have a try and they taste great. It has clean food with good taste and reasonable price.


Zhong Fa Yuan Muslim Restaurant

Chinese Name: 中发源清真餐厅
Add: No. 2012, Chunfeng Road,Luohu District, Shenzhen
Cuisine: Local Muslim Cuisine
Tel: 0755-82229318
Hours: 11:00 am to 10:00 pm
How to get there: Take bus 11, 104, 25, 213, 21, 222, or 316, then get off at Jingxiu Middle School station

Zhong Fa Yuan Muslim Restaurant is an old-brand famous restaurant that has a history of 10 years and has been quite popular one among those Muslim restaurants in Shenzhen. The highly recommended dishes here would be yogurt, mutton soup, roasted leg of lamb, roasted lamb chops, barley pancakes, spicy kebabs and other a lot of authentic and tasty dishes. From that you can see that mutton has a large group of loyalty customers in this place.

Except for the tasty food here, the enviroment here is quite pleasant. The restaurant is nicely decorated to offer a comfortable and nice dining environment for guests.

In addition to the Zhong Fa Yuan Muslim Restaurant of the Jingtian Chain store, there are other Zhong Fa Yuan Muslim restaurants at Shenzhen, like the Zhong Fa Yuan Xinzhou branch Branch, which is located on Floor 1-2, Xinzhou Hotel, 9005 Binhe Avenue, Futian District, Shenzhen, as well as Zhong Fa Yuan Muslim Restaurant Chunfeng Road branch, which is located in 2012 Chunfeng Road, Luohu District in the city.


Xin Yue Muslim Restaurant

Chinese Name: 新粤穆斯林餐厅
Add: No. 149 Nanyuan Road, Shenzhen
Cuisine: local Muslim food
Tel: 0755-83654709
Hours: 11:00 am to 10:00 pm
How to get there: guests can take bus 14, 63, 62, 214, 377, 302, or M370, and get off at Nan Yuan Zhong station.

Xin Yue Muslim Restaurant is a large famous restaurant of Xinjiang style that offers authentic delicious halal food for guests. The signature dishes in this place include Da Pan Ji Chicken with Potato and Green Pepper, Xinjiang Hand Grasping Rice, Fried Crispy Leg of Lamb, mutton shashlik, roasted lamb chops, as well as lamp soup. Those food materials like beef and mutton are air transported from Xinjiang province, thus food at the restaurant is fresh and original.


A Thousand & One Night Restaurant in Shenzhen

Chinese Name: 一千零一夜清真饭店
Cuisine: Arabian Cuisine
Add: No. 2002, Wenjin South Road, Luohu district, Shenzhen, Opposite Shenzhen Muslim Hotel
Tel: 0755-25179044
Hours: 11:00 am to 10:00 pm

A Thousand & One Night Restaurant is famous restaurant in Shenzhen that serves Middle Eastern food. This restaurant is a national chain dinning place in China, existing in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, as well as in other cities. Lots of kebabs and the usual Middle Eastern fare are available, but a uniquely Syrian dish of frickeh with chicken is something to try. The green wheat berries are firm, full of flavor and addictively fun to eat. The aim is to serve superior food in a pleasant environment at reasonable prices. In other words to make your meal a complete unforgettable experience - from fine dining to fun dining.

Except for the delicious food, the place also offer comfortable environment for guest. The typical pattern of Arabian construction culture is octagon pattern and it can be seen any where in the restaurant. The most splendid application is the wooden carved empty suspending roof. Also,A variety of performers will delight your senses with their esthetic dance and will make sure that dining in our restaurant is an experience in excellence."1001 Restaurant" is a marvelous restaurant palace magnificently reproduced with the authentic Arabic architecture, carvings, tiles, paintings and crafts that resulted from the twelve centuries of development of Arabic art.

These are some famous Muslim restaurants in Shenzhen for you reference only. If you want to explore other places to have Halal food, you your tour guide may help you with that.


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