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Hubu Alley


Ziyou Road, Wuhan 430060, Hubei Province, China.

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Foodies' paradise in Wuhan.

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Hubu Alley or Hubu Lane is located Wuhan (a famous historical and cultural city), Hubei Province of China. It is a popular point of interest of Wuhan city for both the local and tourists. This alley is a century-old lane in 150 meters long, known as the "top first lane of Chinese flavor snack". It is famous for offering all kinds of snacks and street food, with more than one hundred of restaurants distributing at both sides of the lane.

Hubu Alley is mostly famous for offering authentic food for breakfast. The locals in Wuhan name having breakfast as “Guo Zao”. There is a saying goes, “Having breakfast in Hubu Alley and late-night food at Jiqing Street”, which tell the importance of Hubu Alley in this city. So it become a must visit site while visitors are traveling in Wuhan. Street food is available from grilled starfish to pork intestine, noodle to grilled cuttlefish, name it and it's all there.

As one of the top ten snack streets in China, Hubu Alley collects all kinds of famous Wuhan snacks, as well as other snacks all over the country. The most highlight snacks include skin of beancurd, Re Gan Mian (hot-and-dry noodles with sesame paste), duck neck, stinky tofu, fish balls (with black flaked sea salt), spiced pork sandwiches, etc.. Food is cheap you can walk freely but a bit crowded. If you are a Muslim, you can get halal food from one of the stall operated by Muslim here at Hubu Alley.

Hubu Alley is a place for those who love street food, and this place is synonymous with the words 'filthy, spitting mouth, ill-mannered locals, bad smell, etc.. Here would be very crowded in China’s public holiday. Hubu Alley is just a stone throw from Yellow Crane Tower and 20 mins walk to the 1911 revolutionary statue. It is closed to Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge as well. It's really worth a trip to Hubu Alley it's not only for its cheap street food but also the nearby interesting attractions that are worth a visit. Next time you are at Hubu Alley don't forget to try all the street food available here. You ought to try it otherwise you will regret it. 

Travel Guide

【Chinese name】: 武汉户部巷
【How to get to Hubu Alley in Wuhan】: It enjoys very convenient public transportation. You can take a taxi or public bus routes 14, 15, 16, 18, 521, 530, 529, 539, 717, etc.. to get there.

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