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Shanghai Tian'ai Road


Tian Ai Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai, China

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The most romantic road to visit with lovers

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Shanghai Tian'ai Road, which is called Lovers Road by the local people, is located in Hongkou District in Shanghai City. It is 526 meters long and 13 meters wide. And the carriageway is 7 meters wide. There are walls by both sides of the road to resist the sight, so it added a bit mysterious atmosphere. Tian'ai Road is a suitable place for lovers to take a walk and play games. A lot of sweet love stories happened on the road.

The Legend of Tian'ai Road

There is a legend referring to Tian'ai Road. It is said that if lovers travel in this road hand in hand, their love will last for a life time. According to legend, there was a daughter in a rich family whose name is Tian’ai. She was intelligent and educated since she was very young. When she grew up, she grew to be both talented and good-looking and became well-known to the local people. there was a guy named Xiang De, who was smart and diligent. They played together when they were still young and grew up together. Finally, they fell in love with each other. And their love story became a story on everyone's lips. Since then, Shanghai had a sweet love road named after Tian’ai and Xiang De’s love story.
Shanghai Tian'ai Road

Things to do in Tian'ai Road

【Love Wall】The Love Rod composed of 28 famous love poems is a must see site in the road. Lovers often read the poems out while they are walking through the road.

【Love Mailbox】
There is a special love mailbox around the crossing. Every letter sent from the love mailbox will be covered with an English "love"postmark, so that the addressee can feel the romantic love from the letter and reserve it as the permanent memorial collection. The unique postmark is undoubtedly a romantic and special way to convey love to someone you love. Every postman has become transmitters of this love.

【Love Postmark】
In the street guard room at NO.1338 Liyang Road, you can stamp a love postmark and send it to someone you love. In the post offices in Lu Xun Park, you can stamp a love postmark in the name of Tian’ai Road, but it is only for special anniversaries (e.g.: 201314).

【Tian'ai Café (Sweet Love Café)】
Tian’ai Café, or Sweet Love cafe, is located in the crossing the Tian'ai Road. It is one of the few places where you can have a rest. Obviously, it is a romantic place which is opened specially for the lovers. The poster in the front of the door is quite special. If you are tied after walking along the street, why not go in there and have a rest?

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