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Visit Xi’an Ancient City Wall

When tourists travel to Xi'an, the deepest impression on them is that no matter where they go, they can see the ancient city wall. Xi'an people will said proudly that Ancient City Wall is a square seal on behalf of Xi'an. The ancient City Wall in Xian have already seen the past of the city, is witnessing the development of present Xian and it will keep overlook the future of this city.

Tourists from all over the world preserve with strong curiosity on the wall of Xi'an. Before liberation of China the place where has such a city wall is in Beijing, but now Beijing is more modern. It means that you may not experience the original feeling of ancient wall. Ancient City Wall is a relic of Chinese historical civilization; Everybody has a responsibility to protect it.

Xian Ancient City Wall

While travel to Xian, tourist might consider how to explore this ancient City Wall. TopChinaTravel introduce you 2 ways to visit Xian Ancient City Wall.

On Foot

If you are energetic enough or if you enjoy hiking, visit Ancient City Wall in Xian is a good way to explore it. You could choose one section and walk along on the city wall or on the foot of the wall. You will find some parks along the city wall, where you could close to locals.

Xian Ancient City Wall

By Bicycle

Biking on the Ancient City Wall is the suitable way to discover the historic City Wall of Xi’an. The wall is high and wide, and in the wall there is a wide road which is preferable for biking. And it is safe as there are no vehicles and the wall is protected.

Xian Ancient City Wall
There are two major entrances-the South Gate and North Gate. Tourists can enter the wall via the South Gate (Yongning Gate). And there are several places for renting the bike on top of the wall; they are South Gate, East Gate and Heping Gate. You can choose to bike the entire walls or just part of wall as you like. Along the way you can stop at various viewpoints and the views are under your eyes. Inside the City Wall are old-style streets. Aged dwellings show the classic and traditional Chinese architectural style; other houses were built of unadorned brick.

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