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TOP Foods for Breakfast in China

Eating is an important thing for us, and we spend much time on eating in our life. Eating can make us happy especially tasting delicious foods. China is a paradise for foodies with various tasty foods to taste. And Chinese foods surprise and satisfy many foreign tourists. Travel to China, experiencing the history, culture and scenery is significant, tasting the delicious foods is also important. Chinese have many choices when they are having breakfast. Followings are the most popular foods of breakfast in China for your reference.


Soy Milk and Youtiao

When Chinese eat youtiao for breakfast, we will usually match soy milk with it. And the soy milk can be hot or icy. We will cut the youtiao into small strips. We like to steep the youtiao in the soy milk, then eat it. Most of the Chinese people like sweet soy milk, while some of us like salty soy milk.

To taste the soy milk and youtiao in China, you do not need to go to the big restaurants. You just need to find a small shop in the streets, and it is usually full of local people. You can really experience the life of the local people at these shops.

soy milk and youtiao


Baozi(steamed stuffed bun)

Baozi is also a popular breakfast for Chinese people in northern and southern China. There are various and diverse stuffing in the baozi. Most of the people like the meat stuffing, which is salty. Some people like the red bean paste stuffing, and the steamed bun stuffed with sweetened been paste is also preferred by many Chinese. There are many other stuffing of baozi like fine vermicelli(made from bean or potato starch) and vegetables.

The baozi without stuffing is called mantou(steamed bread), which is also worth tasting in China. And you can also taste the steamed twisted roll. Kindly reminder, the best time to taste baozi and mantou is when it is just taken out from steamer. But please pay attention to the heat and protect your tongue. And we will usually drink soy milk to match the baozi. The status of soy milk in China is just like the milk in the west. 




Xiaolongbao(small steamed bun) is also a popular breakfast in China, especially in southern China. The stuffing of xiaolongbao is usually pork. Actually, xiaolongbao is a kind of baozi(steamed stuffed bun). And the xiaolongbao in Shanghai, Hangzhou and Fujian is very famous in China. You should not miss xiaolongbao if you come to these places of China.

The stuffing of xiaolongbao is not always pork. In Shanghai and Hangzhou, people will use crap meat and soup to be the stuffing of xiaolongbao, which is fresh and tasty. Xiaolongbao with soup is a characteristic food in China, which is worth tasting.


Jiaozi(Chinese dumpling)

Jiaozi is also popular in China for the breakfast. The stuffing of jiaozi is usually meat and vegetables. And there are various meat and vegetables for the stuffing of jiaozi including egg, fish, shrimp, mutton and many kinds of vegetables. There are many cooking ways of jiaozi. They can be steamed, boiled or fried. And different cooking ways have different taste. They are all tasty with different cooking ways.

In China, we will usually add sauce while eating jiaozi like vinegar, soy sauce or chilli. In northern China, people like to add vinegar while eating jiaozi. And in southern China, people prefer to add soy sauce or chilli while eating jiaozi. If you have chance to make jiaozi with Chinese people, you should try it, which is interesting and fun.




Noodles are on the list of the breakfast of Chinese. And noodles also have many cooking ways. If you prefer noodles with soup, you can try noodles in soup. If you like fried noodles, you can choose fried noodles. Noodles are healthy and tasty, which is preferred by many Chinese.

In China, you will hear many names of noodles. Zajiangmian(Zajiang Noodles), Biangbiang Noodles in Xi’an, Chongqing Noodles, Hot Dry Noodles(Reganmian) in Wuhan are all famous in China and worth tasting. They are all characteristic noodles in different cities, you should not miss them if you come to these cities.

Wuhan Hot Dry Noodles
Wuhan Hot Dry Noodles


Rice Noodles

Rice noodles are popular in southern China like Guangxi, Yunnan and Hunan. Rice noodles are the breakfast that people in these places prefer. The rice noodles are usually fresh and delicious with meat or vegetables.

If you plan to visit Guilin, Changsha and other places belonging to Guangxi, Yunnan and Hunan, you should not miss the rice noodles. Guilin rice noodles, Liuzhou Luosifen and Yunnan’s Crossing the Bridge Noodles are all very famous in China.

Yunnan’s Crossing the Bridge Noodles
Yunnan’s Crossing the Bridge Noodles



Wonton is a common breakfast in southern China. Its stuffing is fresh pork. It is a delicious food for children. Generally speaking, wonton is not spicy. But in Chengdu and Chongqing, wonton is called chaoshou with chilli oil. If you like spicy things, you can have a try of the Chaoshou in chilli oil in Chongqing and Sichuan.

Wonton is usually cooked with soup, and the soup is fresh and tasty. Wonton is healthy with meat. If you are interested, you can try to make and cook wonton in China, which is fun.




Zongzi is not only a food that Chinese will eat in Qingming Festival and Dragon Boat Festival, but also the breakfast we will have. Zongzi is made of polished glutinous rice, which is not easy to be digest. And you should not eat too many each time.


Zongzi’s taste in different in northern and southern China. Generally speaking, zongzi is sweet in northern China and salty in southern China. And both of the taste of zongzi are delicious, you can taste both of them if you can.



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