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Best Foods to Taste in China

Eating is an important part while traveling. Delicious things can easily bring us happiness and joy. There are many delicious things to taste in China. With various cuisines and diverse types of foods, China can satisfy each traveler who want to try and taste delicious Chinese food. Traveling to a place, you may want to try the typical cuisine and food of it and the most characteristic food of it. And it is recommended that you know about the foods in the places you want to visit in advance to avoid the foods that you do not like. This article is a guide of the foods you should taste in China for your reference.


What to Taste in Beijing

Traveling to Beijing, you should not miss the famous Peking Roast Duck, which is a must-try cuisine in Beijing. In Beijing, Mutton Hot Pot is also worth tasting. The mutton with the sauce provide impressive and amazing taste. Noodles served with fried bean sauce is also characteristic in Beijing, you can have a try if you like noodles. As for snacks, you can taste the string of candied haws on stick(Tanghulu or Bingtanghulu in Chinese). Fresh fruits like hawthorn and strawberry are covered by the crispy sugar, which tastes sweet and sour, is tasty and interesting. Steamed glutinous millet flour coated with soybean powder is a famous Beijing snack, and you can taste it. By the way, you’d better eat it in 2 hours with the best flavor and taste.

Mutton Hot Pot in Beijing


Recommended Foods in Xi’an

There are also many tasty foods in Xi’an. Not only long history and profound culture, the foods in Xi’an are also delicious. Noddles in Xi’an are very famous, you should not miss the Biangbiang noodles while traveling to Xi’an. The noodles in Xi’an are usually hand-made, whose taste is good. Roujiamo, also known as Chinese hamburger, is also very famous in China. The mutton in Xi’an is also worth trying, which is fresh and tasty. And the soup of the mutton is also tasty. And there are many delicious snacks in Xi’an including pastries, steamed stuffed bun, jiaozi, cold noodles(liangpi in Chinese) and rice noodles. If you like noodles and other wheaten foods, Xi’an is a paradise for you will various kinds of wheaten foods.



Things to Taste in Chengdu

Chengdu is also a good destination to eat for travelers who like spicy foods. Sichuan Cuisine is one of the Eight Great Cuisines in China. Chilli chicken dices, fish-flavoured shredded pork, Mapo tofu, sliced beef and ox tongue of chilli sauce and Kung Pao chicken are all typical characteristic Sichuan Cuisines. Generally speaking, foods in Chengdu are usually spicy. And if you can not eat too spicy, you should communicate with the staff of the restaurants or stores in advance. Hot pot is also a name card of Chengdu and Sichuan. You can almost put everything into the hot pot. Besides, the snacks in Chengdu are diverse and tasty like malatang, wonton, jiaozi and many kinds of noodles.

hot pot


What to Eat in Shanghai

As an modern metropolis, foods in Shanghai are more international and diverse. You can taste foods of different regions of the world in Shanghai. Cuisines in Shanghai are usually not spicy like Pork braised in brown sauce. And there are also many tasty snacks in Shanghai like Xiaolongbao(small steamed bun), pan-fried bun stuffed with pork, sparerib rice cake and crab shell cake. The noodles in Shanghai are also tasty with fresh and delicious soup.



Eating Guide in Guilin

With picturesque scenery of karst landform, there are many tasty foods in Guilin. First of all, you should have a try of the Guilin rice noodles, which is usually the breakfast of most of the local people. Beer fish is also a must-taste food in Yangshuo. The fish is usually from the Li River, which is fresh and delicious. Niang dishes are characteristic in Guilin with pork in chilli, tofu and many other things. There are also many tasty snacks in Guilin like glutinous rice balls, qingbuliang and barbecues. There are many restaurants of characteristic Guilin cuisines in Guilin with various types of foods.

niang dishes


Best Foods to Taste in Guangzhou

Guangzhou is also a good destination for eating for both Cantonese Cuisine and international foods. Guangdong Cuisine(Cantonese Cuisine) is one of the Eight Great Cuisines in China. In Guangzhou, you can taste fresh seafood and morning tea. Stir-fried rice noodles with beef, rice rolls, shrimp jiaozi, steamed sparerib are classic cuisines of morning tea for Cantonese. Soft-boiled chicken and roasted goose are both very famous in Guangzhou. And the foods in Guangzhou are usually not spicy. There are many tasty pastries and desserts in Guangzhou. The herbal tea is traditional drink of Cantonese, which is beneficial to our health, you can taste the herbal tea in Guangzhou. Kindly reminder, not all people can accept the taste of herbal tea.

stir-fried rice noodles with beef


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