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Is China Safe to Travelers from Australia and New Zealand?

Safety is an element that most of the foreign tourists. Safety comes first to each traveler. Feeling safe, foreign visitors can enjoy their journey in China including eating, transportation and sightseeing. With the extending of the countries of visa free policy to China, the numbers of the travelers to China is increasing quickly. China is working on providing safe, comfortable and convenient environment to foreign visitors in payments, attractions and hotels. Most of the foreign visitors may want to know the safety in China. Here we can tell you that you China is a safe country for domestic and foreign visitors. If you plan a trip to China, feel free to prepare for your travel because China is really safe for travelers.


Overall, China is a safe country

China is a safe country for Chinese and foreign visitors. Each Chinese feels safe in China. When it comes to traveling security, China is safer than many other countries in the world in the opinion of many travelers who have been to China. As far as we all know, gun management is very strict in China. You are safe no matter you are in the cities or remote villages in China. There are many many security cameras in many places of China and you do not need to worry about your safety in China while traveling. Police usually go on patrol in the streets.

Client of TCT in Hongcun
Client of TCT in Hongcun


You can go out at midnight in China

Some foreign travelers had recorded their traveling experiences in China, including their experience of walking on the streets of China at midnight, without feeling unsafe or nervous. They are free and safe to walk on the streets in China at the midnight. In China, you do not need to be afraid if you want to go out at night. And the night life of Chinese is really interesting and charming, which you should not miss. Night markets, bars and tea house, there are many activities you can experience at nights in China. You can go out to have a night snack or midnight snack in China anytime if you want.


China is safe even you travel alone

No matter you travel alone or travel with families or friends, China is a safe destination. You do not need to fear. In China, you are very safe. If you ask a Chinese about the security of living in China, they will tell you that China is so safe that they almost forget to think about this thing. Except for the personal safety, the transportation is also very safe in China. With the management of the governments of China, the transportation are more and more safe now. Most of the Chinese obey the traffic rules. The cars, buses and other vehicles move sequentially in the roads.

Client of TCT in Guilin
Client of TCT in Guilin


Chinese are friendly to domestic and foreign tourists

Chinese are friendly and helpful to domestic and foreign visitors. Generally speaking, most of Chinese will offer you assistance if you need help. If you are confused by the map, please feel free to ask Chinese for help, and they are willing to support you. Or if you have some problems of language in restaurants, stores or attractions, staff or Chinese will offer assistance actively and patiently. If you lost your belongings unfortunately, you can ask Chinese for help. Citizens are also willing to help you. No matter domestic visitors or foreign visitors, Chinese are always helpful. China is not only safe, but also friendly and helpful.


Foods are safe to eat in China

Food Safety is also an issue that most of foreign visitors concern. Chinese government also attaches great significance to the food safety in China. And the food safety is in a high level now. We are confident to tell you that you do not need to worry about the food safety in China because the foods are fresh, safe and delicious in China. There are many many tasty foods in China, which attract many foreign travelers to China. Traveling to China, just feel free to taste the foods, drinks and snacks you are interested in without worrying about the safety of the food.

Client of TCT are enjoying the foods
Client of TCT are enjoying the foods


Stealing does not happen frequently in China

All of the foreign travelers concern about the safety of their belongings and want to know about the stealing in China. China is becoming safer and safer, and stealing in China is becoming less and less. Most of Chinese find that stealing is becoming less and less in China, and stealing does happen rarely in China. Less stealing does not mean that you do not need to keep an eye on your belongings. You still need to take good care of your belongings while traveling in China to have a good and impressive memory in China.


Travel to China with Top China Travel

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