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How to Plan a Summer Trip in China

Updated: 2024-05-24

With vast territory, long history, rich culture and charming scenery, China should always be on your traveling list. Though summer is hot in China, there are many foreign tourists visiting China in summer. Planning a summer trip to China, there are many things and elements to consider. This article is helpful for you for your summer trip planning in China.


Weather and Temperature in Summer in China

There is no doubt that summer in China is hot from June to August. No matter in northern China or southern China, the temperature is high on the day. Please protect yourself from the sunshine in summer in China.

In northern China(like Beijing and Xi’an), the temperature is over 30℃(86℉) at day, but there are some indoor attractions like museums. Please take water and cap, hat or umbrella with you when you are outdoor in summer in China.

In southern China, June to August is also hot with high temperature at day, which is also over 30℃(86℉). And the temperature in southern China is commonly higher than northern China in summer. Planning to visit China in summer, please be prepared for the hot weather here, no matter northern China or southern China. And you can choose some indoor activities at noon to avoid the hot weather.

Among the months in summer, June is the best month to travel to China with cooler temperature and less crowds than July and August. In most of the places in China, you can avoid the crowds in June.


Where to Visit in Summer in China


Though the weather in summer in Beijing is hot, there are many tourists visiting Beijing from home and abroad. And the attractions in Beijing will not affected by weather. The sky in summer in Beijing is always blue, which is suitable for photo taking. And Beijing is a hot destination in summer in China, please reserve the attractions and hotels in advance, especially the tickets of the attractions. It is really a pity that you can not enter the Forbidden City in Beijing when you come to China.

To climb the Great Wall in summer in Beijing, you’d better choose to start in early morning to avoid the crowds and the hot temperature. And please pay attention to protect yourself from the sunshine.

The Forbidden City and the National Museum of China are good places to visit in Beijing in summer with air conditioning. You can know about the history and culture of China in cool environment. Kindly reminder, you need to reserve these attractions in advance to make sure that you can enter these places.

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Xi’an is a popular destination in summer in China for domestic and foreign tourists with its long history and profound culture. To visit Xi’an, the weather will not influence your tour.

To visit the Terracotta Army, it will be hot from June to August because the air conditioning will not operate to protect the relics. Please be prepared for the hot weather if you plan to visit Xi’an in summer. And the Xi’an City Wall will also be hot because it is outdoor. Please take your water, hat, cap or umbrella if you plan to visit the Xi’an City Wall in summer.

Most of the attractions in Xi’an are outdoor, and you should protect yourself from the sunshine during your trip in Xi’an in summer.

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Shanghai has always been a top destination for foreign tourists in China. Though Shanghai is hot in summer from June to August, there are many tourists of domestic and foreign.

In Shanghai, you can feel the modern metropolis as well as traditional architectures. You can experience the life of the people in Shanghai in summer.

You can enjoy the night view of Shanghai to fully experience the charm of the international metropolis when the lights are on of the buildings and skyscrapers.


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Guilin is a world-famous tourist destination with picturesque scenery of mountains and rivers. With the high temperature in summer, there are many tourists in Guilin at this time.

Since most of the attractions in Guilin are outdoor, please protect yourselves from the sunshine with your hat, cap or umbrella. If you take the cruise on Liver River or take the bamboo raft on the Yulong River, it will be cooler than other places while you are standing or sitting on the bamboo raft.

If you are walking on the road in Guilin like the Binjiang Road, you will find that the shadow of the trees shading for you. And it will not be so hot because of the shadow of the trees.


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Xinjiang is most beautiful in summer from June to August with lush grasslands, forests, blue sky and crystal lakes. If you like grasslands, mountains and forests, you should not miss the summer in Xinjiang, whose beauty is breathtaking.

Xinjiang in summer is also hot, the highest temperature in summer is over 30℃. But the temperature difference in Xinjiang is about 10℃ between day and night. Please take suitable clothes when you plan a trip to Xinjiang in summer.

To visit Xinjiang, please be prepared for that you will spend much time on transportation because it is vast and the distance between the attractions are far. However, when you come to Xinjiang in summer by yourself, you will find that Xinjiang worth.

And there will be many tourists in Xinjiang in summer, please be prepared for the crowds in Xinjiang in summer.


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Yunnan is a good place to go in summer in China with the cooler temperature. Yunnan in summer is not so hot as most of the cities in China, and it is cooler than other places in summer. And the temperature difference of Yunnan is about 10℃ in summer, which is cool at night in summer.

Plan a trip to Yunnan in summer, you should protect yourselves from the heat at day. Yunnan is comfortable at nights and you can plan some night tour in Yunnan to enjoy the cool night in summer here.

There are many famous places you can visit in Yunnan including Kunming, Dali, Shangri-La and Lijiang. Where to visit and how to visit depends on your like, you can learn more about Yunnan before you visit it.


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