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Best Places to Visit in China in October

Best Places to Visit in China in October here has listed the most suitable places to visit in October as follows; each of them is charming and beautiful in China and has different special features, you will have different feelings towards different types of places in China in October.

Wuhan (Hubei)

Reasons to go in October

In the fall of Wuhan, endowed with the right time and good geography, the autumn in Wuhan is beautiful. At this moment leaves are in riotous profusion, cold pond of artistic conception can be seen everywhere, everywhere is filled with hawker food and hot pot, the mixture of those sceneries is the taste of autumn in Wuhan. In the visit of histrical sites at the same time, you might as well as walking to Jianghan road and Jiqing street, to feel the enthusiasm of the "hot" of Wuhan locals. Autumn is also suitable to go to the East Lake to enjoy poetry scenery and recite the poems.

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Wudang Mountain

Jiuzhaigou (Sichuan)

Reasons to go in October

Jiuzhaigou County, original as Nanping County, is located in the western Sichuan. Covering an area of 5,290 sq km, Jiuzhaigou County is administratively divided into 17 towns. And the world famous scenic sport Jiuzhai Valley lies in the southwest direction of Jiuzhaigou County, about 41km away from the county. The various geographical characters and various scenic types make Jiuzhai Valley as the unique site in the karst geography in the world. 

The best time to visit Jiuzhaigou Valley is around October, because Jiuzhaigou is most beautiful in the late autumn. Jiuzhaigou Valley in autumn is very amazing, and it is also at the peak tourist season. The temperature difference between day and night is big, especially after Oct.. So sweaters and thick coats are necessary in this season.

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Jiuzhaigou Valley

Datong and Pingyao (Shanxi)

Reasons to go in October

• Datong

City enjoys a continental monsoon climate, featured with sharp temperature difference between day and night. Datong has a four-season semi-arid climate, influenced by its relatively high elevation, and inland location, with a long, very cold Winter, and very warm, often humid, Summer.

The best time to visit Datong is from April to October, especially May, June, September, and October. Because in these months, the climate is comfortable. And other periods are cold and sandy. Autumn in Datong is a season sudden cold without gradual changes. Be careful about the cold temperature. Blue sky and sunny days are suitable for sightseeing.Autumn comes, and the temperature falls gradually. The autumn sky is clear and sunny. Datong’s frosty weather appears in the last ten days of September.

Hanging Temple in Datong

• Pingyao
The best time to visit Pingyao is in autumn and winter, especially September, October, and November. The autumn time in Pingyao is comparative prosperous because of the Pingyao International Photography Festival in mid-Spet. And the snow scene in winter days makes this ancient city more charming and fantastic. And in Chinese Spring Festival period, the Pingyao local celebration Shehuo Festival will give a new impression of the Chinese New Year.

Pingyao is an ancient city with 2700 years history. It is not easy to preserve ancient city during a long time. Many well-preserved cultural relics not only represent for architecture form, construction method and material standard in different periods but also reflect art progress and aesthetics achievement in different regions and different nationalities. This ancient city is a city which belongs to people, that is, it is a life-like city without nature to beautify its scenery, and people here can create their beautiful life and beautiful and unique image of life. Pingyao is valuable humanistic legacy in Shanxi even in the whole world.

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Pingyao Ancient Town

Generally speaking, the first week of October is Chinese National Day holiday, when is a golden time for tourism to Chinese. Attraction will be crowded, transportation tickets hard to get, price for flight tickets no discount, hotel demands beyond the supply. If you unluckily meet this holiday, your tour experience will have a big discount. Even it’s the best place to visit China in October; it will be bad destination. So if you decide to travel to China in October, please try to avoid Chinese national day holidays.