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Top China Winter Tour Destinations

Where to visit in winter China? China winter tour destinations depends on your preference. If you would like to take a memorable winter holiday with ice and snow, Northern China, snow mountain or some ski resorts are the best choices. If you prefer sunshine and beach and hope a winter-escape holiday, Southern China is highly recommended. If you are a travel-smart, avoiding the high tour cost and crowds in Spring and Autumn, China winter tours to some classic destinations cannot be missed. If you hope to have a good winter-view in China, mountain views, rice terraces landscape, featured architecture in Southern China, etc. are recommended to you. 
Best places to visit in winter in China


Ice & Snow, Skiing Destinations

Harbin, Heilongjiang Province

Located in the northeastern China, Harbin is the ice paradise. Touring this city in winter, it will be a good opportunity to join the cold but joyful International Ice & Snow Festival and appreciate the lived ice sculptures, to experience the so exciting snow sports.

International Ice & Snow Festival is held from around 5th Jan to 5th Feb every year, which is one of four largest ice and snow festivals in the world, along with Japan Sapporo Snow Festival, Canada Quebec City Winter Carnival, and Norway Ski Festival.

Besides, Skiing lovers will enjoy an enjoyable skiing trip in Harbin. Club Med Yabuli Ski Resort is one of the largest ski resorts in China. It only takes 1.5 hours by high speed train from Harbin. It can be you and your family's winter holiday destination. If you do not hope to move from hotel to hotel, Jihua Ski Resort in Harbin is a good choice after your happy time at Harbin Ice & Snow Festival. 

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival
Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

China Snow Town

China Snow Town, official name Shuangfeng Forest Farm. It is the top winter destination in China. As the No. 1 snow town in China, Shuangfeng Forest Farm is located in the northeast of Harbin, with about 5 hours driving from Harbin. The exact location will be an intersection of Zhangguangcai mountain and Laoye mountain (both belong to Mt. Changbaishan Range).The cold air from Lake Baikal and oceanic warming wet airflow from Japanese waters meet each other frequently here, and the climate of forest also functions, thus from October to next April, this area is covered by snow. The period of snow falling lasts for 7 months a year. The height of the snow is up to 2 meters. Because of its unique climate, the China Snow Town is a fairy land which could not be copied in another place in the world.

China Snow Town can satisfy all of your imagination and desire about snow. No matter you want to enjoy a winter fun by playing with snow, or do some winter sports, such as snowmobile riding, horse/dog-drawn sled, light hiking in snow or capture a gorgeous panoramic view of the snow village.... 

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Changbai Mountain

Changbai Mountain is located on the border of Jilin Province and North Korea, except for 1/3 of Tianchi (Heavenly Lake) and the eastern slope, the rest are located in China. Changbai Mountain is a dormant volcano that took several eruptions to form its current landscape. It is also currently a popular winter tourist destination in China.

Although the best season to visit Changbai Mountain is summer (July and August), winter also attracts many snow lovers and tourists. The snow season in Changbai Mountain is from October to next April, which lasts for 7 months every year. So, there are several major ski resorts here, where both beginners and advanced enthusiasts can experience the fun of skiing.

The Changbai Mountain Range is the source of the three rivers in the northeast and belongs to the snowmelt area of the snowy mountains, but its essence is a dormant volcanic body, there are many hot springs flowing underground. The temperature of each spring varies, generally above 60°C and up to 82°C. Winter is the best season to soak in the hot springs. In Changbai Mountain, soaking in hot spring water in the icy outdoor area, eyebrows and hair are frosted like Santa Claus with a hat, but the body is really hot, and you really experience the jouissance of "ice and fire".

In addition to enjoying the scenery and enjoyment, local food is also an important part of Changbai Mountain's visit. Not only is it a combination of Korean and Northeastern China flavors, but there are also many delicious ingredients from Changbai Mountain, which will not disappoint the foodies.
China Winter Tour Destinations-Changbai Mountain
Changbai Mountain


As the political and cultural centre of China, Beijing has so much to offer. It has abundant historical and imperial relics, rich in natural and cultural resources, it is an ideal tourist destination for all the year round. What is the specialty of the Beijing in winter? Like other northern cities in China, it is cold, and it snows in winter. You may have a chance to enjoy a snow view of Forbidden City and the Great Wall, or join the locals skiing on Shachahai Lake.

Tourists also have a chance to take a 2-3 hours drive to Thaiwoo Ski Resort. It is China’s newest ski resort and the center of the 2022 Winter Olympics.

The resort provides an international standard in all areas, from lift operations, snow making and grooming with state-of-the-art equipment to world-class restaurants and a ski school led and trained by instructors with international qualifications and experience. Thaiwoo is a self-contained village of five-star hotels and luxury condominiums – and the ancient Great Wall of China running through it. In Thaiwoo Ski Resort, you will enjoy a wonderful skiing experience in the 2022 Winter Olympic Games Cluster. 

China Winter Tour Destinations-Chongli Thaiwoo Ski Resort
Thaiwoo Ski Resort

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Xiling Snow Mountain

Xiling Snow Mountain is located in Dayi County, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, only 110 kilometers from Chengdu, and it is reached in 2.5 hours by car. The snow cover period is from November to the end of the next March every year. The snow cover is above 60cm thick with excellent quality snow, it forms the unique spectacle of sea and snow plain in southern area. Xiling Ski Resort is the best winter skiing destination in South China.

The skiing field covers a mountainous platform of 7 square kilometers, with an average altitude of 2200m.  It is honored as the "Ice and Snow Land in South China" and "Alps in the East", is the unique ice and snow scenic spot that has condition to apply for the holding of Winter Olympic Games.

Xiling Ski Resort
Xiling Ski Resort

Warm Winter Escape Destinations

Sanya, Hainan

Sanya is an enchanting holiday resort. Warm sunshine, mild and pleasant weather, abundant natural and cultural tourist resources, all of which made this area one of the most attractive winter resort attracted people from all over the world to escape from the dark cold winter.

In this winter-free island, the 3 great beach sites you would not wanna miss. Yalong Bay, Sanya Bay and Dadonghai Beach, with white sandy beach, pure sea water and soft waves, all three of them are ideal places for strolling, swimming, diving and water skiing, etc.

Other Recommended Attractions in Sanya: Wuzhizhou Island, Nanwan Monkey Island, West Island
China Winter Tour Destinations - Sanya

Sanya, China

Hong Kong/Macau

Hong Kong is the city that well combined the traditional Chinese custom and western cultural elements. It has Lantau Grand Buddha, Ocean Park, Repulse Bay and Disneyland, it has authentic local handicrafts, fashion shoes, clothes and luxuries, it has discounted season…it has varied types of attractions to meet different requests of tourists. And many people came here to spend their Spring Festival and Christmas. Winter in Hong Kong may not so hard to get through.

Macau, as well as Hong Kong, is a cultural communication spot between China and western countries. With fine and pleasant weather even in winter, it is an ideal place to enjoy the Portuguese architectures, wild open entertainment playgrounds and taste local dishes and Dim Sum.

The Spring Festival of 2013 will be last from 9th Feb to 25th Feb, 2013.

Other Recommended Attractions in Macau: Ruins of St. Paul's, A-Ma Temple, Maritime Museum 
Hong Kong Victoria Harbor

Hong Kong Victoria Harbor

Yunnan Province

Yunnan is located on the border of southwest China, with rich animal and plant materials and colorful ethnic minority customs. It is a popular tourist destination area in China

Northwest Yunnan is the most popular region for travelers, with popular destinations such as Dali, Lijiang, Shangri-La and Lugu Lake surrounded by stunning mountain scenery and ancient town life. Due to the high altitude, the temperature is relatively low in winter.

Central Yunnan and northeastern Yunnan are centered on the provincial capital Kunming, and the surrounding stone forest, Fuxian Lake and Luoping rape fields are all worth seeing. Kunming has always had the reputation of a spring city, and the rape blossoms in January and February bring you a golden shock.

The southern region of Yunnan not only has the charming Xishuangbanna, but also the internationally renowned Yuanyang rice terraces, the beautiful Pujihei, and Bamei, which is known as the real "paradise". It is the best choice for winter travel destinations.

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Winter Scenery Destinations

Yellow Mountain (Mt. Huangshan), Anhui

Yellow Mountain (Mt. Huangshan) is a well-known summer resort, but it is also renowned for its rime, silver ice hung, white snow scene and the spectacular clouds sea. The winter scene of Yellow Mountain is incomparable, an old poetry even praised that “Good to travel in four season and winter rival the best”.

Covered by thick snow, Yellow Mountain seems to become a pure white world. In noon, tourists may have chance to enjoy the clear and melodious sound of ice hung that fell on the ground. It is the very sound, along with sound of waterfall, soughing of the wind in the pines and the muffled sound of the moving clouds of sea, the 4 grand sounds of Mt. Huangshan.

Other Recommended Attractions in Huangshan: Xidi Village, Hongcun Village, Shexian County
China Winter Tour Destinations-Yellow Mountain in Winter
Yellow Mountain in Winter

The above are the highly recommended winter tour destinations in China. But travelling to different places would cost differently. Travel to Harbin and Sanya in winter is quite expensive, as winter is the best season to visit the two places. But traveling to Beijing or Huangshan is less expensive than other time period. You can choose an appropriate place for your winter vocation.