China Travel Destinations

China Travel Destinations

Where should I go when traveling to China? Which cities are must-sees for the first travelers? How can I get close distance to the 100% Chinese Culture? China Travel Destinations pages will help you to solve these problems. Destinations such as the capital city Beijing, the ancient capital Xian, the famous metropolis Shanghai, the fairy land Guilin, the shopping paradise Hong Kong, the hometown of panda Chengdu, the roof of the world Tibet, the mysterious province Yunnan, as well as the ethnic habits Guizhou will be presented to you by Top China Travel. You will get touch with a city in all facets ranging form those famous attractions to local shopping areas.

Top Destinations in China

Beijing City Guide
China's capital and a well-known tourist city with interwoven sights of historical and modern times.
>> Beijing Tours
Shanghai City Guide
China's economic heart has the sophisticated mood of a modern metropolis and romance of traditional lanes.
>> Shanghai Tours
Xian City Guide
Steeped in history and still giving up secrets, Xi'an is your gateway to ancient Chinese civilization.
>> Xian Tours
Guilin City Guide
Famous for its serene landscape, Karst limestone formations, mist-covered hills and bamboo groves.
>> Guilin Tours
Hong Kong City Guide
Hong Kong
Vibrant destination boasting a rich blend of Chinese and European traditions, and shopping paradise.
>> Hong Kong Tours
Chengdu City Guide
Capital of Sichuan Province well-known as the land of abundance and panda's hometown.
>> Chengdu Tours
Hangzhou City Guide
Marco Polo referred to Hangzhou as "beyond dispute the finest and the noblest in the world."
>> Hangzhou Tours
Suzhou City Guide
The Venice of the East; a garden city. "Heaven above, Suzhou and Hangzhou below." - Chinese saying.
>> Suzhou Tours
Guangzhou City Guide
China's third largest city and southern gateway for international trade. Renowned as a gourmet's paradise.
>> Guangzhou Tours
Travel to Tibet
Real Shang-ri La, terrestrial paradise and holy land of your innermost desire on the roof of the World.
>> Tibet Tours
Travel to Yunnan
Means "South of the Clouds", the fine weather as well as spectacular scenery are guaranteed.
>> Yunnan Tours
Travel to Xinjiang
Renowned as China’s largest province, and regarded as the most important hub of the Silk Road.
>> Xinjiang Tours

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