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The Great Wall of China

As one of the symbols of China, the Great Wall of China is one of the magnificent man-made scenes which can be seen from the universe. With a shape of Loong (Chinese style dragon), the Great Wall of China had been listed in the World Heritage list in 1987.

Originally built in Qin Shi Huang period, the Great Wall of China was built to prevent the invasion of the northern enemies as a functional military structure. With its original thousands of miles length, the Great Wall was got the title “Wan Li Chang Cheng” (Long Wall of Ten Thousand Li).

The present preserved Great Wall of China is the major parts built in 14 century, called Ming Great Wall, started in the Hushan in Liaoning Province and ended in the eastern point Jiayuguan. Boasting the ancient Chinese people’s civilization and intelligence, the Great Wall of China enjoys the same reputation with another two landmarks of China – the Tian’anmen Square and the Qin Terracotta Army.

The Great Wall of China Tours

Great Wall Tours
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