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What to pack for great wall trip?

Before you go for a Great Wall trip, there are some necessities we recommend you pack for your trip.
what to pack of great wall trip

First Clothing

Since most sections of the Great Wall are located at the north part of China, belonging to the temperate continental climate, which means that the temperature variation between day and night is obvious.
In summer and autumn, which is the best time for Great Wall Hiking, TopChinaTravel recommend you wear shorts in the daytime, since it could be very hot. While in the evening, please put on a jacket or sweater that make you feel warm, because you may feel a little cold in the night.
Please wear a pair of comfortable shoes. Trainers may be the best choice for you. High heels and slappers are not suitable for walking on the Great way, for you may fell fatigue quickly, and suffering from the pain of you foot.
If it is a very sunny day, don’t forget to wear or bring some sun cream, a hat and maybe the sunglasses. The ultraviolet ray in north china in summer and autumn is a little stronger than other seasons.
In a word, make yourself as comfortable as you can.

Second Food and Drink

You may hike for 2 to 3 hours, so take some food and beverage with you. Sufficient Water supply could avoid you from dehydration. On Badaling Section, You can also buy some snacks and water, but the price here is unexpected high. And there are no sales on any other sections of the Great Wall. Since the washrooms are around the ticket office on the entrance of the Great Wall, do not drink too much water and you can not find washroom in the midway.