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Which sections of the Great Wall are recommended?

As one of the must-see attractions in China, the Great Wall of China can be divided into many sections. Different sections of Great Wall have different characteristics which are suitable for tourists with different tourism purposes. Which sections of the Great Wall are recommended? For sightseeing only,  it is highly recommended to visit Mutianyu Sections or Badaling Section. If you are a hiker, you should not miss Jinshanling Section. For night Great Wall, Simatai Section is the perfect choice. Here in this article, we are going to provide some useful information for you to find out which sections of Great Wall are recommended and which sections of Great Wall are suitable for your visit:

Below are four famous sections which are most popular with many Great Wall visitors and highly recommended:

Badaling Great Wall: The Most Majestic and Crowded Section

Located in Yanqing District of Beijing, Badaling is the first section that opens to the public. It is the most famous section among China domestic tourists. If we must use one word to describe Badaling Great Wall, we think it should be "majesty". While due to its greater and greater reputation, Badaling Great Wall is extremmely crowded, especially during the public holidays. Also, it is commercial with many vendors that are selling souvenir and snacks along the road. In a word, Badaling Great Wall is the most majestic and crowded section.

By Badaling Express: 1 hour from Beijing downtown to Badaling Great Wall.
♦ By No. 919 or 877 Bus: 1.5 hours from Deshengmen Bus Station to Badaling Great Wall.

Recommended Badaling Great Wall Tour: Beijing Badaling Great Wall Helicopter Tour

Mutianyu Great Wall: Beautiful Scenery & Rich Vegetation

If compare the Badaling Great Wall as a majestic man, Mutianyu will be a beautiful lady. Located in Huairou District in Beijing, Mutianyu is famous for its beautiful scenery and rich vegetation(over 90%) which is also one of the most completed preserved sections. It is more original and less commerical than Badaling. Which sections of the Great Wall are recommended? now I think you should have your own answer to choose Mutianyu or Badaling.

By Private Vehicle: 1.5-2 hours from Beijing downtown to Mutianyu Great Wall.
By Mu Bus : 2 hours from Beijing downtown to Mutianyu Great Wall, CNY 38 per person per way.
Recommended Mutianyu Great Wall Tour; One Day Mutianyu Great Wall & Forbidden City Group Tour

Simatai Great Wall: Night Great Wall& Suits for Photographers

Located in Gubei Water Town, Miyun District of Beijing, Simatai Great Wall is the only section of the ancient Great Wall that retains the original appearance of the Ming Great Wall. You may have seen both Badaling Great Wall and Mutianyu Great Wall during daytime, but the night Great Wall in Simatai would be an experience once in a life time. The Gubei Water Town situed at the foot of Simatai Great Wall is a nothern China archtecture style water town which is also worth visiting. It is a scenic area that suits for photographers at both daytime and night time.
By Private Vehicle:  3 hours from Beijing downtown to Simatai.
♦ By Express Bus: 4 hours from Dongzhimen Bus Station or Beijing Tourism Distribution Center to Simatai.

Jingshanling Great Wall: Paradise for Photographing & Hiking

Located in the Miyun District, Jinshanling Great Wall is one of the best preserved sections of the Great Wall which is the paradise for photographing and hiking at all the time.With a distance about 140 kilometers (87 miles) northeast of Beijing city, Jinshanling Section connects to the Simatai Section  in the east and Gubeikou section in the west. Which sections of the Great Wall are recommended? If you a a hiker or photographer, you must take Jinshanling Great Wall as your top choice.

♦By Private Vehicle: 2 hours from Beijing downtown to Jinshanling.
By Tourism Line No. 980 : 2.5 hours from Beijing Dongzhimen to the Jinshanling Great Wall
By Long Distance Bus: 2.5 -3 hours from Wangjing west to Luanping, get off at Jinshanling service area of jingcheng expressway where there have shuttle bus to get to Jinshanling Great Wall.


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