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Great China Tour with Top China Travel
Client: Alice
Nationality: USA
Pax: 2
Group Code: TCT-JC-FIT-150311
Itinerary: Hong Kong-Shenzhen-Guilin-Xian-Beijing
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Wonderful China Tour with Top China Travel
Client: Doron
Nationality: USA
Pax: 2
Group Code: TCT-JC-FIT-150307
Itinerary: Shanghai-Suzhou-Xian-Beijing
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Travel with TCT to Guilin and Yangtze River
Client: Donna
Nationality: USA
Pax: 1
Group Code: TCT-DZ-FIT-150302
Itinerary: Hong Kong-Guilin-Yangtze River Cruise-Hangzhou-Suzhou-Shanghai-Beijing
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China East Tour Review from Australia
Client: Jenny
Nationality: Australia
Pax: 3
Group Code: TCT-JC-FIT-20150215
Itinerary: Beijing-Xian-Qufu-Beijing
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A Wonderful Trip to China with Top China Travel
Client: Mudaliar
Nationality: New Zealand
Pax: 3
Group Code: TCT-JC-FIT-20150117
Itinerary: Shanghai-Guilin-Chengdu-Xian-Beijing
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Review on 6 Days Trip to Beijing with TCT
Client: Martin
Nationality: USA
Pax: 2
Group Code: TCT-JC-FIT-20150115
Itinerary: Beijing
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China Winter Tour to Harbin Reveiw
Client: Allison
Nationality: New Zealand
Pax: 2
Group Code: TCT-RW-FIT-150102
Itinerary: Taipei-Guilin-Xian-Harbin-Shanghai
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China Tour to Beijing Xian Review from South Africa
Client: Mahomed
Nationality: South Africa
Pax: 4
Group Code: TCT-MQ-FIT-141219
Itinerary: Beijing-Xian
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China South Tour Review from USA
Client: Rex
Nationality: USA
Pax: 2
Group Code: TCT-RW-FIT-141213
Itinerary: Shanghai-Zhangjiajie-Changsha-Guizhou-Xiamen-Guangzhou-Sanya-Hong Kong
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Great Experience with Top China Travel
Client: Mario
Nationality: India
Pax: 2
Group Code: TCT-MQ-FIT-141122
Itinerary: Shanghai-Beijing-Xian-Chengdu-Guilin-Shanghai
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