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Enjoyable Trip to Zhangjiajie and Xi'an

Client: Nuryanti Ahmat

Nationality: Malaysia

Pax: 4

Group Code: TCT-KJ-FIT-240510

Itinerary: Xi'an-Zhangjiajie

Historical and Cultural Highlights Tour in China

Client: Sim

Nationality: Singapore

Pax: 2

Group Code: TCT-TQ-FIT-240420

Itinerary: Beijing-Xi'an

Impressive Yunnan Trip

Client: Charn Pirapokin

Nationality: Thailand

Pax: 1

Group Code: TCT-KJ-FIT-240429

Itinerary: Dali-Diqing-Lijiang

Memorable and Happy Family Tour in China

Client: Chris Lee

Nationality: Malaysia

Pax: 5

Group Code: TCT-LL-FIT-240414

Itinerary: Beijing-Shanghai

Explore Authentic Beijing with TCT

Client: Fabian Duran

Nationality: Mexico

Pax: 2

Group Code: TCT-KJ-FIT-240421

Itinerary: Beijing

Memorable Classic China Tour

Client: Sala Patrizia Angela

Nationality: Italy

Pax: 4

Group Code: TCT-YY-FIT-240407

Itinerary: Beijing-Datong-Xi'an-Guilin-Shanghai-Suzhou

Amazing Sceney on the Avatar Mountains in Zhangjiajie

Client: Angeline Low

Nationality: Malaysia

Pax: 6

Group Code: TCT-LL-FIT-240406

Itinerary: Zhangjiajie-Fenghuang-Changsha

A Nice Trip in Beijing

Client: Olyvia Jill

Nationality: Indonesia

Pax: 5

Group Code: TCT-KJ-FIT-240411

Itinerary: Beijing

Perfect Guangzhou Tour with TCT

Client: Jin Kee

Nationality: Singapore

Pax: 13

Group Code: TCT-RY-FIT-240301

Itinerary: Guangzhou-Foshan-Qingyuan

Wonderful 8-day Classic China Tour


Nationality: United Kingdom

Pax: 2

Group Code: TCT-YY-FIT-240329A

Itinerary: Beijing-Xi'an-Shanghai

China - Thanks for the Beautiful Moments


Nationality: Germany

Pax: 1

Group Code: TCT-GT-YY-240323

Itinerary: Beijing-Xi'an-Guilin

Top Rated Chengdu Day Tour

Client: Joseph Rajendran

Nationality: Singapore

Pax: 4

Group Code: TCT-TS-FIT-191122

Itinerary: Chengdu

Dependable China Adventure Tour for USA

Client: Scott Silpe

Nationality: United States

Pax: 2

Group Code: TCT-JT-FIT-191009

Itinerary: Beijing-Xian-Chengdu-Guilin-Hangzhou-Shanghai

Best Chengdu Zhangjiajie Highlights Tour

Client: Ms.Marini Tjiong

Nationality: India

Pax: 2

Group Code: TCT-YY-FIT-191214A

Itinerary: Xian-Beijing-Chengdu-Zhangjiajie

China Historical & Heritage Tour from USA

Client: Robin C Blake

Nationality: United States

Pax: 1

Group Code: TCT-JT-FIT-191201

Itinerary: Beijing-Xian