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Best Places to Visit in China in February

Best Places to Visit in China in February here has listed the most suitable places to visit in February. Each of them has different special features. Staying in crowded urban full of people and vehicle, it is better to go to a trip for April, for those mountains, water and other charm of the branches. The following will recommend Mount Huang in Anhui Province, flower of Wuxi Plum Garden in Jiangsu and special icy scenery in Heilongjiang Province.

Yuanyang (Yunnan Province)

Reasons to go in February

Yuanyang is a county located in southern Yunnan, lying down on the southern back of Red River. Although it is a county in Yunnan, it enjoys fame outside the door because there are seven minorities living there.

Ranking as one of the top terraced fields in the world, the Yuanyang Terraced Field is famous for the magnificent scenes and boundless area. When in the sunrise, the field will be immersed in the fog which is a fairy land on the ground; when in the sunset, all the fields are covered by golden silk which is more like a masterpiece by a master. For thousands of years of arduous working, people here cultivated 360 thousands mu terrace field which can be seen as unique scenery and it is also called “the most magic sculpture in the land”.

There are seven scenery spot in Yuanyang rice terrance, distributed in the different villages. If you want to see sunrise and sunset, you must to choose a right place to watch. Every October to March in the next year is a right time for you to see rice terrace because at this time the lines of terrace is very beautiful due to irrigation.

Recommended Yunnan Tour with Yuanyang: 7 Days Yuanyang Rice Terraces Tour

Best Places to Visit in China in February-Yuanyang/ Yunnan Province

Wuxi Plum Garden (Jiangsu Province)

Reasons to go in February

Wuxi Plum Garden was founded in 1912; it was built by famous national industry and commerce businessmen of Rong zongjing and Rong deshengl in modern times. In splendid Taihu Lake, the ornament on a cloud of plum blossom, which is actually "the icing on the cake" winning the reputation of best place for appreciating plum blossom in the south of Yangtze River. Wuxi wintersweet flower bloom in January to February, and Wuxi is a good place for enjoying plum in winter.

Best Places to Visit in China in February-Plum Garden

The Songhua River and Heihe City (Heilongjiang Province)

Reasons to go in February

• The Songhua River

Although Jilin rime, with Guilin landscape, Yunnan Stone Forest, and the Three Gorges of Yangtze River are known as the four wonders of nature in China, the rime island here is more beautiful and more famous. Terrain of the Songhua River was lower than those of Jilin downtown area, and surrounded by river. Especially in February of each year, hot and cold empty meet here, almost every day there rimes in winter; sometimes the ice don't fall off the tree for days. Zengtong village is the best place to appreciate the rime in this island, and there is a saying that "to appreciate rime, go to Zengtong".

• Heihe City
Every winter, February is the month with the thickest ice, thickness of ice is more than two or three meters, which becomes a natural ice arena, you can not only skate above the ice surface, you can also ride in a sleigh or iceboating. Especially in the winter you can go to Heilongjiang to make a hole in the ice in order to catch a salmon. Salmon is a specialty of Heilongjiang River and Wusuli River and the place to catch Salmon is in Heihe city, with its north of Heilongjiang province, with a river across to Russia, with its south near the most prosperous commercial street in Heihe city. It is in the Ethnic minority's folk custom villages along the river, under the guidance of enthusiastic villagers; you can go to Heilongjiang to make a hole in the ice to experience the joy of catching salmon.

Best Places to Visit in China in February-The Songhua River and Heihe City/ Heilongjiang Province

Since China is a country with large scale, there are big different scenery and climate between north and south. If you are an ice and snow lover, northeast of China is paradise to you. If you want to go some warm place in February, you’d better choose south of China.