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Yangtze Three Gorges

yangtze three gorges

The Yangtze Three Gorges is a great valley with a most splendid landscape in the Yangtze River and it is one of the ten most famous scenic sites of China. It extends from White Emperor City in Fengjie County, Chongqing Municipality to Nanjin Pass in Yichang, Hubei Province, consisting of Qutang Gorge, Wu Gorge and Xiling Gorge, with a full length of 193 km.

It encapsulates the essence of the scenery on the Yangtze River. Within the three gorges valleys, they are arranged in such a manner with other gorges and valleys that one is narrow and the following one is wide by turn. Because of this topography, the momentum of the river water is pent-up in the narrow valleys and released abruptly in gorges. In those bottle-necks, water rushes down swiftly and wildly, like wild horses rushing forward. Traveling in a cruise ship in this part of the Yangtze River, one can not only enjoy intricately shaped rock formations and magnificent mountains along the river and the rolling water but also poems inscribed on the rocks by ancient scholars. Showing a wide variety of the landscapes of China, it has been displaying its special charms for thousands of years.

three gorges altitude along yangtze river

Why Three Gorges is a must-see during Yangtze River Cruise?

The Yangtze Three Gorges presents a scene of boundless variety with the magnificence of Qutang Gorge, the elegance of Wu Gorge, the perilousness of Xiling Gorge as well as the primitive simplicity and the mysteriousness of the Daning River, and Shennong Stream, which flow into the great valley. The whole landscape is so kaleidoscopic. It is picturesque everywhere, and added to this, each scene is related to a wonderful fairy tale or a moving legend which will kindle your meditation on the remote past.

The beautiful landscape of the gorge region has given birth to a splendid culture. It is one of the birthplaces of the civilizations of China. The famous Daxi Culture, which originated here, has shed brilliant light on the civilizations in the ancient history. The valleys were once the battlefields during the period of the Three Kingdoms, where countless heroes displayed their prowess and bravery. A great many other well-known historical sites such as White Emperor City, Huangling Temple and Nanjin Pass, add charm to the landscape.

Wu gorge

The gorge region is also rich in natural resources. Welcome to the Yangtze Three Gorges to enjoy the charming landscape and waterways as well as this spectacular feat of modern amazing engineering.

Three Gorges Museum is well worth a visit for its exhibits on the Ba culture and the area of the three gorges down river from Chongqing. Also noteworthy are a series of exhibits on life in Chongqing during the Qing dynasty, the early republic, and the World War II era.

The stretch of the Yangtze flowing through deep gorges in western Yunnan is part of the Three Parallel Rivers of Yunnan Protected Areas, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River is the largest hydro-electric power station in the world, a modern engineering wonder of the world.

The mighty Yangtze River has been harnessed through the famous three gorges and up to the newly created Three Gorges Dam system. The pinnacle of this trip is seeing and learning more about the engineering miracle that is the Three Gorges Dam. This colossal feat of engineering is simply astonishing. An entire valley had to be flooded with water to a depth of 175 metres, along with the relocation over 1.2 million people to other cities, as well as building several new cities from the ground up! Not to mention the construction of a dam over 2km long across a huge gorge. The ferries must pass through 5 locks each, a fascinating experience, taking over an hour to go through and each of them lowering the water level by 20 metres.

Many of the cruise boats and ferries have amenities ranging from massage and acupuncture to tai chi lessons and shows. As well as ‘off boat’ excursions – but it’s also good to stay in the bar with a beer and watch the scenery. A very relaxing trip!

Three Gorges Location Map

Tourist Map of Yangtze Three Gorges