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Best Places to Visit in China in January

Same as December, January is also the low season for traveling, because most of the cities in China are cold. Best places to visit in China in January will introduce the best places to you to visit in January.  According to our data, the most popular destinations in January are Harbin and Sanya. People from Southern cities would like to visit Harbin to see the ice and snow world, to attend the Ice and Snow Festival, while people from Northern cities would prefer to fly to Sanya to enjoy the sunshine and beach. What are your ideal places to visit in China in January? Following our step to explore the best places to visit in China in January.


Harbin is a city of ice in northest of China, known as the Eastern Moscow. It has numerous cultural relics and historical sites, such as the Confucius Temple, Jile Temple, magnificent Saint Sophia Cathedral, Russia amorous feelings Central Avenue, Former Residence of Xiao Hong and so on. Also, there are more than 500 human natural landscapes, such as the Yabuli Ski Resort, Sun Island Park, Primeval Forest, all these along with Harbin surrounding Jingpo Lake, Five Connective Lakes, Zhalong Nature Reserve, constitute the unique characteristic tourism destination in northern China. Harbin is one of the best places to visit in China in January.

What's more, the famous Harbin Ice and Snow Festival is also held in January every year. Together with other winter activities, the whole festival will last for one month. Tourists will see the Moscow style snow castles & bridges, Chinese style pavilion, 3D icy screen films, happy snow wonderland valley and dog sledge etc. during the Harbin Snow Exhibition.

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Best Places to Visit in China in January - Harbin


Known as "China's only tropical seaside tourism city", Sanya is the paradise to escape from the cold winter. With a yearly average temperature of 25.4°C and annual rainfall of 1279mm, Sanya deserves to be the best place to visit in China in January. Tourists could enjoy sunbathing on the beach, swimming, surfing and going for seafood dinner which makes Sanya a suitable place for vacation. Because of climate features and tropical scenery, Sanya has also been rated as the best place to visit in China in January.

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Changbai Mountain

In January, Changbai Mountains have become a wonderland. Snow will decorate sky and ground into a saintly white, the ding-dong waterfall become glittering and translucent ice fall, trees become gorgeous; these sceneries are beautiful and romantic. At this time, you can not only ski in the nature-made ski park, enjoy the fun of snow area in Changbai Mountains, still you can appreciate the marvelous winter Tianchi Lake in Changbai Mountains, and the silver Canyon of Changbai Mountains. The reasons for Changbai Mountains was listed as best tourist destination in January are: There are a pile of worth seeing spots in Changbai Mountains like, Tianchi Lake, Changbai Mountains Waterfall, the Yalu River Grand Canyon, Changbai Mountains Grand Canyon, Changbai Mountains Underground Forest, Hot Springs Group of Changbai Mountains, Changbai Mountains Rime, and skiing, rafting...all of these are enough for the reasons for Changbai Mountains to be one of the best tourist destinations in January.

Best Places to Visit in China in January - .Changbai Mountains