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Best Places to Visit in China in March

March in China is when the cold starts to let up and south of China gets signs of warm weather, flowers are in blossoming, and trees turns to green, so it’s a good time for jaunt outside. Staying in crowded urban full of people and vehicle, you may need a short trip to adjust your life pace. The following will recommend Wuyuan Rape Flower in the Sang state, silent and peaceful scenery in Heshun, Dali, and peach blossom scenery in Nyingchi.

Wuyuan (Jiangxi Province)

Reasons to go in March

The most vivid scenery is in March, all kinds of flowers are in bloom together; the most splendid scenery is in March, the number of rape pieces flower are opened in the field, behind the house, besides the edge of the Bridges. Where there are rape flower fields, there is the most beautiful countryside in March, filled with endless agrestic breath. Where there are rape flower of village like ink painting, there is the most beautiful village in March. The rape flowers are interspersed with the large white wall and green tiles. This is the most beautiful countryside in China and the most beautiful time of Wuyuan in March.

Wuyuan is mild and moist, with different scenery in different season all the year round, but the most beautiful of Wuyuan in spring is the brightest scenery and make ones miss so much. Especially in March or April, hills is carpeted with red azalea, full of green tea, the golden rape flowers plus white wall and green tiles, five different colors are the harmonious collocation, which surpass all the pictures in the earth.
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Best Places to Visit in China in March-Wuyuan/ Jiangxi Province  

Dali and Heshun (Yunnan Province)

Reasons to go in March

Lyrics of a song of "Dali in March has better scenery” can show that Dali in March is suitable for travel. Although Dali is suitable for travel all year round, but Dali of the spring is the best season. Dali is popular by people with the theme of “wind, flower, snow and moonlight” which means romance and it has four unique sceneries for “snow of Cangshan Mountain, Moonlight of Erhai Lake, Flower of Shangguan, and Wind of Xiaguan”, what making it the ancient and modern tourists yearning place.
Dali is the place where dream to begin for lovers in the world; it is earthly snug place with tranquil year of quiet time. Roaming in the streets of antique, accompanied by the wind the bright sunshine, listening to the old story of small town, stepping on the blue flagstone to look tie-dyed antiques, going to searched for Duan Family of a famous novel, going to the butterfly spring to listen Peng and Jinhua’s pure love story, entering into the ancient city of thousands of years’ accumulation of culture to enjoy the peace. For each pair of honeymoon couples, Dali is a real, inactive, tolerant, and harmonious place.
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Best Places to Visit in China in March-Dali and Heshun/ Yunnan Province  

Nyingchi (Tibet)

Reasons to go in March

The characteristics of the peach blossom in Nyingchi are grand, lush flowers, majestic. From Bomi to Nyingchi, turn away from Nyingchi along the Brahmaputra to Mainling County, there is an ocean of peach blossom.

Nyingchi peach blossom are mainly distributed along the 318 national road, Nyang River Scenic Belt and airport to Baiyi town. Gala village of Nyingchi is the starting point of “The Land of Peach Blossom”, where is a great place to watch flowers. In addition, you can also enjoy beautiful scenery of LuLang, standing from the top of Sejila Moutain to see namjagbarwa and Gyala Peri, you can see patches of peach blossom forest everywhere which reflect with snow mountain scenery.

Nyingchi Peach Flower Festival opened on March 26, flowering from mid-march to the end of April. Nyingchi Peach Flower Festival in 2014 will be a original ecology of live-action drama.
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Best Places to Visit in China in March-Nyingchi/ Tibet

Since temperature is fluctuant in China in March, you’d better take clothes to keep warm to avoid cold weather. If you have plans to visit China in March, don’t miss the above best places.