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Best Places to Visit in China in April

Best Places to Visit in China in April here has listed the most suitable places to visit in April. Each of them has different special features. Staying in crowded urban full of people and vehicle, it is better to go to a trip for April, for those mountains, water and other charm of the branches. The following will recommend Gulangyu island inXiamen, special flavor of Xishuangbanna in Yunnan and beautiful scenery in the regions south of the Yangtze River.

Gulangyu Island/Xiamen

The Reasons Go in April:
Xiamen in spring is pleasant with gentle and lovely sunshine and sea wind, the waves gently play soothing music patted on the reef, and Xiamen are surrounded by green tree and clear water. To sightseeing at this time in Xiamen, you can find that the soil of island in Lantau all showed marked maroon color, so also called red soil. Blue sky, green water, golden sand, verdant trees with red soil, makes a bright and dazzling natural beauty.
Afternoon in the Gulangyu Island, sunshine is casting in the body, hanging with your partner to a deep alley, finding the blooming former consulate to stay. The glazing window of hundred-year-old can be your window of private sitting room when facing the sea; Or living in the third floor building near the Catholic church, letting the church guitars for the weekend to wake up you from sweep dream. There are no flashing lights, luxury and dissipation life, only the happy people hand in hand, standing on the soft sand beach and strolling with the sunset.
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Best Places to Visit in China in April-Gulangyu island/ Xiamen


The Reasons Go in April:
Come to Xishuangbanna, a devout Buddhist Ethnic Dai people will make you to experience a completely different atmosphere. Every April 15 is the Water-Splashing Festival of Dai Nationality. It is a symbol of good fortune, happiness, healthy body by spraying water, people heartily splashed heartily spilled, laughed, drenched with high interest.

Water-Splashing festival also called "Buddha’s Birth day", is one of the most ceremonious traditional festival in Xishuangbanna, in that day, all the Dai minority people whatever men, women and children dressed in ceremonial dress, and women will shoulder a bucket of water to wash the figure of Buddha for blessings. After bathing Buddha, people started to spray water to show their blessings, hoping through washing with holy water can wash diseases and disasters, for a better and happy life.

A proverb says: "the water splash, Dai nationality is happy", in Dai customs, this is the day you can enjoy the water spray towards others, poured the more water means more powerful, and more popular. Walking in the alley, you also need to be careful with the locals who will launched the "air attack" in the balcony, and if you meet the people dress uniform, quickly get out of the way,
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Best Places to Visit in China in April-Xishuangbanna/ Yunnan

Regions South of the Yangtze River

• Suzhou/ Jiangsu Province
The most beautiful season in Suzhou, of course, is the warm spring. Whether there is sunshine or spring rain, Suzhou garden is a picture of a moving picture, various seasonal foods appear on the market, you can view beautiful scenery and enjoy delicious foods.
Best Places to Visit in China in April-Humble Administrator Garden 

• Yangzhou/ Jiangsu Province
There is a poem wrote that "Heading east for Yangzhou among hazy vernal hue", therefore go to Yangzhou, the best time is between March and April. At this time there are drizzle, oblique willow, grass, swallows, also only then, you can read that happy and contented feeling of Yangzhou, and blend in with the idyllic scenery.
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• Wuzhen Water Town/ Zhejiang Province
You can experience the beauty of rain only in regions south of the Yangtze River. April is the rainy season; the most suitable thing to do is sitting in the ancient building to looking out the window of the misty rain, feel that easy and comfortable circumstance quietly. Or with a small umbrella walking in the rain, or sitting on Wupeng boat, enjoy scenery on both sides of the river.
Best Places to Visit in China in April-Wuzhen Water Town 
• West Lake/ Zhejiang Province
To speak of Hangzhou, people are likely to mention the old saying: “Up above there is paradise, down here there are Suzhou and Hangzhou.” No matter what the season, climate and time, Hangzhou shows her charming flavor. Every year in March, it is the best season to travel to Hangzhou with spring flowers. With the oiled paper umbrella, walk against the wind, walk on the Su causeway, appreciate that romance of “rain in March”, and indulge in such beautiful scenery unconsciously...

The West Lake is a poem, a picture, a beautiful and moving story. Two peach willow along the embankment under the spring breeze, summer days’ lotus garden, three ponds so saturated with the moon in the autumn night, red plum after winter snow, drizzle in the misty towers, all of these make up a beautiful and wonderful West Lake. And there is a special event of West Lake Rhododendron Festival from May 20 to April 20.
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April in China is a good month for spring outing. No dazzling sunlight, the climate is mild and warm, flowers are blossomed, and trees become green. One thing to note is that April is within rainy season in most of China area, if you tour China in April, you’d better to take an umbrella.