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Wuxi Overview

Wuxi locates on the south part of Jiangsu Province, lies in the heartland of Yangtze delta, adjacent Suzhou to the east. As a modern industrial city, Wuxi is one of the key cities of Yangtze delta commercial area。 it is also one of the cities where Chinese national industry originated. Rely on its highly developing economy, with abundant industrial resources, Wuxi, has entitled the manufacturing and service outsourcing base, creative designing base and distribution center, etc. Thus it has been listed as one of the 10 Most Dynamic Cities in 2004.      
Rich in natural resources and cultural relics, Wuxi, meanwhile, is a famous historical tourism city in China. The history of this city can be dated back to Western Zhou Dynasty (11th century B.C), is the birth place of Wu Culture. Since the Western Han Dynasty, iron smelting, copper casting and some other handicraft industries have appeared. Iron tools and working cattles were used in framing. With the time gone by, water conservancy and commercial industries were taking shape, farming raised to a new level. During Ming and Qing Dynasties, Wuxi reached its golden age.
Locates at longitude 119°33' - 120°38' East, 31°7' - 32°2' North latitude, Wuxi has a subtropical monsoon climate, with plenty of rainfall and sunshine, rainfall mainly occurs in summer. Its topography is mainly divided into plateau - water net plateau to the south, sandy plateau to the north, mountainous regions (16.8%) plus vase inland waters (22.82%).
Wuxi is rich in natural resources, like water, biological and mineral Resources. It has over 300 watercourses, with a total length of 2,480 km, water storage capacity is 4.428 million cubic meters. As for mineral, it abounds in clay, limestone and marble, etc. And it has varied biological resource – more than 500 species trees and 310 species of wild animals.
As lies in the heartland of Yangtze delta, Wuxi is the transportation center of east China. It has formed a three-dimensional transportation network consists of road, railway, waterway and air transfer.
Every year, from April to October, is the best season for a tour to Wuxi. As one of the Top 10 tourism cities in China, Wuxi offers superb scenery and landscape for travelers from all over the world. Taihu Lake, Jichang Garden and Lingshan Grand Buddha, etc, are the popular sites recommended for tourists.
► Area Code: 0510
Zip Code: 214000
Area: 4,787 square kilometers
Registered Population: 4,656,500 (2009)
In which Urban Population: 2,380,000 (2009)
Administrative Division: Wuxi is divided into 2 sub-cities and 7 municipal districts, namely, 
2 Sub-cities
Jiangyin City
Yixing City
7 Districts
Chong’an  District
Nanchang District
Beitang District  
Binhu District
Wuxi Special District
Huishan District
Xishan District

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