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Tibet Weather in Spring

Do you want to go traveling to find the most beautiful spring in Tibet? Would you like to see the peach blossom sea in Nyingchi? Spring is a season for rebirth and renewal, while flowers are coming out with a rush. Traveling to Tibet in spring, you could see the wild duck groups along the Lhasa River, peach blossom in Nyingchi, the frozen Namsto Lake, also other beautiful and amazing scenes.

Tibet Weather in Spring

Tibet’s spring is from March to May. In spring, most tourists travel to Shannan, Shigatse, Lhasa and Nyingchi prefectures. From march to April, lots of travellers go to see the peach blossom in Nyingchi every year, where the Peach Cultural Tourism Festival is held from 2002 until now. These prefectures are suitable for a tour all year round.
In spring, there is large temperature difference between day and night. The temperature of Lhasa at night could fall to -2, -3, and in the daytime, the temperature will rise to 10. The climate in Nyingchi is milder in spring and the air is not so dry. Here, you may not feel like you are on a plateau, and just at one of the water towns at Yangtze River Delta.


Climate Data Table for Tibet in Spring (Mar to May)

Temperature (Celsius)
Rainfall (cm)
Days of Rainfall

What to Wear in Spring

1. The climate in Tibet in spring is warm in daytime and cold at night. In daytime, you can wear a sweater with a thick coat, long johns and sport pants. Go out at night, you should put on jackets and thick trousers.
2. Shoes: high outdoor shoes are the best, normal sneakers are good as well. The shoes should not be too thin, and must be thick so that the shoes can keep you feet warm. Socks also need to be thick, by the way pure cotton may be the best.
3. Underwear: pure cotton is the most comfortable material and it's also good for cold-proof.
4. Hats: hats with a wider brim may protect your face from the sunlight.
In Tibet, except for keeping warm, you'd better wear a hat and apply some sunscreen since the UV rays on the plateau are intense, or else you may get sunburn. At the same time, it is really dry on the plateau, you should prevent the altitude reaction. Most of people could adapt to the high plateau environment here.

Tips for Traveling in Spring

1. Travel in spring, it is easy to encounter cold rain, fog, strong convective weather and lightning weather condition. Pay attention to the weather report and dress appropriately; do not put on too much or too little. In general, tourists should get the local climate data in advance, and remember to carry a warm coat.
2. Rain gear should be carried with you when you travel in spring. You can prepare a folding umbrella and a disposable raincoat.
3. Shoes must be comfortable. For ladies, do not wear high heels during the trip. If your feet are red and swollen, you can soak the foot with hot water before going to sleep, for dredging the meridians.
4. Spring is a rainy season, so that mosquitoes and bacteria are particularly easy to breed, thus you should avoid drinking unboiled water and eating unhealthy foods. More fresh fruits and vegetables are better.
5. If you have car sickness, ship sickness, seasickness, airsickness history, you should not eat too much before traveling, taking drugs or chewing gum and glucose-containing food may help you feel better, and remember to pick a ventilated place to sit.
6. The weather of spring in Tibet is sunny, fine and warm. It is a good time for outdoor photography. However, it is better to check the performance of the camera and the battery before, and do not let the camera get wet during the trip.
7. Hiking on the mountains, do not standing against the breeze, to avoid the cold.

8. Sunscreen is really essential in oder to protect your skin from the strong UV rays on the plateau.

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