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9 Travel Tips in China for Seniors

With picturesque landscapes, profound history and diverse culture, China is a perfect destination for senior citizens to enjoy a wonderful trip. As one of the safest countries in the world, China is really safe for seniors, so you don’t have to worry too much. The 9 useful travel tips in China for seniors may help you create a hassle-free tour.


1.Suitable Plan is Key.

Sometimes it can be hard if you travel to another country without planning, for the different language, unfamiliar environment and unpredictable challenges. A tour plan can help you travel smoothly and successfully, while a suitable plan for senior travelers may give you a better experience.

How to plan a China tour for seniors? It’s important for senior travelers to choose senior-friendly cities, accommodations, activities and meals. Remember to make your plan simple, as you definitely want to have a flexible schedule for a comfortable and leisurely trip in China.


2.Pick Right Time and Places.

For retirees, even though you have enough time to travel all year round, choosing a right time is quite necessary. China has all kinds of beautiful sceneries no matter which season you choose to visit, usually the best time for most senior-friendly cities will be spring and autumn, when the weather is neither too hot or cold.

For a more enjoyable senior trip in China, senior-friendly cities will be perfect for you, such as Beijing, Xi’an, Guilin, Chengdu and Shanghai. With convenient public transportation network, plenty of famous attractions and rich culture, you may always find an ideal destination in those cities.

Li River in Guilin


3.Buy Travel Insurance.

It’s essential for seniors to buy travel insurance in case you get hurt during the trip. Though China is one of the safest countries in the world, sometimes it’s hard to avoid some emergencies, sickness or any other unexpected circumstances.


4.Stay Safe.

Your safety really matters wherever you go. Never advertise your absence publicly, as seniors are easy targets for thieves. If possible, have someone check your home when you are traveling. During the trip, keep your passport and valuables with you, make sure all your stuff is in sight.

Always watch your step when get on or get off the car and be careful while crossing the road. Seniors should never rush to somewhere, for the sake of safety. It’s better to arrive earlier no matter you take train or plane.

Convenient Transportation in China


5.Take it Easy.

Never push yourself during the trip, just take it easy and enjoy a relaxing tour in China. Don’t arrange too many attractions and activities for the day, instead, follow your own pace and make sure you have enough time to rest. A senior tour in China can be fun and enjoyable if you have a customized schedule. Please feel free to contact us if you need some help for the planning.


6.Pack Your Medications.

Also pack your medications before traveling, especially if you take meds regularly. It’s better to keep your medications in the original containers with labels, so that you won’t get confused. Meanwhile, make sure you have extras, and write down the names of your essential medicines in case you have to replace them during your trip. Don’t put your medicines in the checked luggage.


7.Keep in Touch with Your Family.

Remember to stay in touch with your family so that they won’t be too worried about you. Keep your loved ones updated each day, you can also share some nice pictures with them. Make sure your Internet is working, just notice that you are not able to use Facebook, Google or Twitter without a VPN.


8.Watch What You Eat and Drink.

There are lots of delicious food in China, with various flavors. But Chinese food is quite different from what you usually eat at home, you should watch what you eat and drink all the time during your trip in China, for seniors have more sensitive tummies. Generally speaking, light food will be better for senior travelers, avoid heavy and spicy food if necessary. What’s more, please let the waiter know if you have any food allergies. You don’t have to worry about the meals if you travel with a local guide, all the meals could be arranged according to your needs and preferences.

Try Xiao Long Bao


9.Look for Senior-friendly Travel Service.

When booking flights and accommodation, try to ask if they have discounts for seniors. It’s important to choose a suitable airline for elder travelers, for a better traveling experience. Meanwhile, look for senior-friendly service at the airport and also your hotel, especially if you need wheelchairs. For the tour service, it’s better to choose an experienced travel agency, with thoughtful care throughout the whole journey.


Have a Safe Trip in China with Top China Travel

Knowing some travel tips in China for seniors will be helpful, but for a safe and leisurely trip, it’s better to join a tour. Tailor-made tour plan with thoughtful care from private driver and experienced guide will be great for senior travelers. Check our sample tour for some travel ideas.

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