Itinerary details for the $99 to Shanghai tour.

Jaime ( Canada ) July 26,2011

Itinerary details for the $99 to Shanghai tour.

Answer: Zoe Luo ( TCT Travel Consultant ) July 26,2011

Dear Jaime,

Greetings from Top China Travel! :-)

I am glad to know that you are interested in a tour to Shanghai. I have checked the tour info, but I am sorry did not find the one you mentioned ($99). So would you please kindly offer some further information of the tour you wanna take?

Or we can do a tail-made Shanghai tour for you according to your schedule and plan. What’s your opinion?

To well make the tour arrangement for you, please kindly offer the info as below:

1. How many people will travel with you?
2. When will you take the tour?
3. How many days will you intend to stay in Shanghai?
4. What kind of hotel do you prefer?

We will then design the updated itinerary for you. Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,