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Holy Lake in Tibet

Here, TopChinaTravel would like to introduce the 3 of the Holy Lakes in Tibet for you, each of them is the sacred lake that played an important role in local religious and legends. Come and travel with us, you will have chance to explore and appreciate the incomparable beauty of them, the most famous lakes in Tibet.

Yamdrok Lake, Shannan
Yamdrok Lake

Yamdrok Lake is one of the three Holy Lakes in Tibet, along with Namtso Lake in Nagqu and Lake Manasarovar in Ngari. In Tibetan language, Yamdrok Lake means “jade lake” or “swam pool”.

Surrounded by grand snow-capped mountains, this lake is fed by numerous small streams. With an area of 621 square kilometers, this fan-shaped lake with vast lakeside grassland, is also a fertilized highland pasture. According to local mythology, Yamdrok Lake is the transformation of a goddess.

There are shoals of fish living in Yamdrok Yumtso lake, which are commercially exploited by local population. From April to October, fish caught from this lake are sold at markets in Lhasa. Besides, the lake's islands serve as rich pasture land to local herdmen.

It is also the largest water-bird habitat in Tibet. Take a visit to the lake, in the right time, you may have chance to see the graceful black-necked crane, swam and sand gull, etc.

Namtso Lake, Nagqu
Namtso Lake

Namtso Lake  is one of the three Holy Lakes in Tibet, along with Yamdrok Lake in Shannan and Lake Manasarovar in Ngari.

It is the largest lake in Tibet and due to it lies at an elevation of 4,718 m, it is also the highest lake of this kind on earth. In local legend, Namtso is the daughter of Sakra-devanam-Lndra and wife of the god of Mt. Nyainqentanglha.

It renowned as one of the most beautiful places in the Nyainqêntanglha mountain range with pure clean water which reflected the color of the sky. Thus the local people named it Nam as in Tibetan language, Nam means “Sky”.

Lake Manasarovar
Lake Manasarovar

Lake Manasarovar or Mapam Yumco is one of the 3 Holy Lakes in Tibet.

It is a fresh-water lake in Ngari, 2,000 km from Lhasa. It lies at 4,556 m above mean sea level, making it the highest fresh-water lake in the world. Like Mount Kailash, Lake Manasasarovar is a place of pilgrimage. It is believed that, bathing in the Manasa Sarovar and drinking its water can cleanse all sins.

The lake, in Hindu religious belief, the lake was first created in the mind of the Lord Brahma. It is also supposed to be the summer abode of swans. Considered as sacred birds, the swans represent wisdom and beauty. It attracts religious people from Tibet, India, Nepal, and the other neighboring countries.