Yangtze Cruise from Spain

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Client: Ms.Regina Vargas

Nationality: Spain

Group Code: TCT-SH-FIT-121008

Pax: 2

Itinerary: Beijing-Xian-Guilin-Chongqing-Yangtze Cruise-Yichang-Shanghai

Nihao, Sophie.

One week after coming back from China to our lives we have found a moment to send you an e-mail about our impressions of our trip and everything involved. I hope that it may be useful for you.

China is really a astonishing country: beautiful, exotic in its way, vast and complex. Nonetheless, after having taken the TCT tour we have been able to get the picture of most of it all. Comprehensive as it was, the tour showed us some different ways of living in different parts of China which, in addition to the superb highlights, monuments and landscapes China has to offer, was the aim of our trip.

We are not used in travelling with guides. Normally we arrange everything by ourselves, and this was our first experience with guides. We must say that we are satisfied, as everything ran smoothly: we did not have to wait in any transfer to and from the airport, we did not make any queue and we were informed and instructed not only about history and monuments but also about Chinese day-to-day life. The only drawback we found was that we were taken to waaaay too many tourists shops, especially in Xi'an. It almost spoilt the whole trip, but the guides were flexible enough to negotiate the terms.

Regarding our tour guides, we are also satisfied with the experience. Arguably the best guide was Lilly in Beijing: she was lovely and helpful in every sense (she even taught me some Chinese!). David in Chongqing was also very nice, and englobes everything we can expect from a tour guide (incuding the best English competence). Kevin in Xi'an was also nice; as I said before, we were taken to too many tourists shops according to our likes, but in spite of that she brought us to the best local restaurance experience we had in the whole trip, somewhere near the warriors pit. Tony in Guilin was alright, but his English was a little bit difficult to follow and, besides, we expected a little bit more politeness from his side (a 'good morning' at the beggining of the day would have been greatly appreciated). I don't remember the name of the guy in Yichang, but he was very polite and attentive. Amy in Shanghai was very surprising; although she looked really young she resulted to be very skilfull and competent.

Regarding the hotels, we could not ask for more. All the premises were just great, especially the Sofitel in Xi'an. The boat was ok, the service was excellent and the excursions were very convenient.

All in all, we are very satisfied with the experience and will recommend your services to anyone interested in visiting your country. You may use this text fully or partially as a review if you want to.



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