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Nationality: Canada

Group Code: TCT-JC-FIT-091124

Pax: 2

Itinerary: Hong Kong-Shanghai-Yangtze River-Chongqing-Xian-Guilin-Yangshuo-Hong Kong

Dear Janet,

We would like to express our appreciation and gratitude of your competent organization and arrangement of our travel in China. Surely We would recommend TCT to our friends and relatives.

We have filled the feedback form for every segment of our trip (which you have received), but if you don‘t mind, here is some more highlights and details on our trip not mentioned in the feedback forms:

(I will make it in multiple parts - because it will be too long to make it altogether in one).

Shanghai - Initially you sent a note that our local guide was to be Miss Jun, but at the airport we were met by Ting-Ting, explaining that Jun was not available. Turned out that Ting-Ting was a delight, we could not ask for a better guide than her. She rearranged the itinerary of Day 2 and Day 3, in such a way that we would cover everything, but taking into consideration the West Side and East Side travel/traffic, making sure that we could arrive at the airport in good time.

Our Day 1 program was a free evening, and we asked her if it was possible to go on the Huangpu River Cruise in the evening. She went out of her way to accommodate our request, although it was not on our original itinerary. She made the reservations, met us at the hotel, brought us with a taxi to the pier, made sure that we got on the right boat, and also showed us how to get a taxi to go back to the hotel. All of this while sacrificing some of her personal time. We appreciate that very much. Please let her know that we appreciate that very much, and please send our best regards to her.

And the Huangpu River Cruise to see Shanghai by night was fantastic. We enjoyed the amazing night view of Shanghai, and we could compare it with the daytime view the next day, what a contrast. You should include or suggest this item (the night cruise) as part of Shanghai sightseeing with your future proposals.

The venue for the lunch was very nice, we enjoyed the view of the river, and the food too.

The Acrobatic Show was spectacular. We enjoyed it very much.

The hotel, Merry Rendezvous, was very good, although not located in the heart of the actions.

End of Part 1.

Please acknowledge if you received the pictures, and if you want us to continue with more comments.

Best regards,

Val & Wies Danukarjanto

China Travel Advisor

I am a person who is positive about every aspect of life. The world is brilliant, I love life, I like music, writing, literature, stamp collecting, and especially traveling, I like to take every opportunity to travel around whenever I have holidays . That's the reason why I chose to work for travel service by now. Working as a sales representative with TCT is a wonderful experience, because I did learn a lot and understand life much more than ever before.

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