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Nationality: Greece

Group Code: TCT-DM-FIT-101016

Pax: 7

Itinerary: Beijing, Datong, Pingyao, Xian, Yangtze River, Yichang, Hangzhou, Beijing

ATHENS 10.11.2010

Dear Daniel,

I appreciate the professional way in which me and my small group were treated by you and  the associates of Top China Travel in my last trip in your country.

I have planned a difficult itinerary combining planes, cars, trains, boats , ships.

When I contacted you for the first time  I had my doubts about the success of this program. Finally everything was well arranged. Guides were on  time, qualified   with knowledge of the history of the country. The hotels were well located of the class I asked.

My trip included about 12 sights of word heritage.

We started from Beijing the oldest capital city in the world. I have been In Beijing many times. Every time is like first time for me. In every trip I discover new things.

In Datong the hanging monastery and  Yungang Buddhist caves are very impressive.

Pingyao   the last ancient Chinese city was a highlight of this trip.

Xian is famous from the  terracotta warriors. This is one of the timeless attraction of China . 6000 terracota  soldiers in natural figure are a vigilant force standing guard over an ancient imperial necropolis.

Chongqing is a booming Chinese city embarkation  port for the Yangtze river cruise.

Yangtze river cruise passes through the picturesque  three gorges ending in  the dam  which is the biggest dam in the world saving the area from the floods and not only.

Hangzhou is like the paradise on earth as it is described by Marco Polo. It is the most beautiful  and clean city in China . We enjoyed it very much.

Wuzhen  is one of the last water  cities in China . Somebody has the impression that  lives in an old time.

I had added two ancient villages  Xidi and Hongcum in my program. In these villages somebody can see houses as old as  from Ming dynasty.

Last visit was in Chengde where the  summer resort and the famous little Potala .

A trip in China is an appointment with the  history.

Napoleon had said that China is a sleeping giant . Now the giant woke  up. Next decades China will be the navel of the world.

This country donʼt give its gifts to him  who wants to violate it but to him who falls in love with it! To know better   China must visit it again and again.

Thank you Daniel. Thank you TCT.


China Travel Advisor

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