17 Days China Panorama Tour from UK

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Client: Ms.Noble

Nationality: United Kingdom

Group Code: TCT-JC-FIT-180619

Pax: 2

Itinerary: Beijing-Datong-Pingyao-Xi'an-Guilin-Huangshan-Hangzhou-Suzhou-Shanghai

Dear Rachel

Yes back home safely and immediately innudated with the work that builds up when one is away. We wanted to thank you very much for all your efforts on our behalf - not just the trip organisation but also the efforts with the art gallery and the painting. The painting is now home and framed and very lovely on our wall - thanks so much for making that possible. I have already passed your details to a couple of friends who are considering a china holiday. Hope that they can put some business your way. 

As for us ...well there is still a lot of china to see - perhaps a trip to the west and Mongolia next what do you think? 

Thanks so very much. And kindest regards from us both 

Wendy and Geoff 

Feedback on TripAdvisor:

Excellent planning with Rachel. She mixed several different tours to tailor one for us and advised for and against several places. Excellent all round with great guides in every place and good travel connections .

Few things I would change - if only to spend more time in a couple of places - just to enjoy and sit... Spend two days in Guilin/Yangzhou.. there is so much to see and it is stunning, If you are doing Yellow mountain ...go with the rhododendrons in the spring spend a couple of nights on the mountain - hotel is great food is poor - go a la carte rather than the buffet. The trails are long and you don't get enough time with a single night. Also the weather is unpredictable and you want a chance to see the sights - there are a gazillion steps but trails well marked. Hangzhu is lovely and there are great walking trails through the tea fields and again a couple of days would be better than one. The park is super and more than a single days worth. 

Go to Gubeiko great wall - we were the only people there and had it all too ourselves way better than the other sites. Yes not repaired. And you need to watch you step but worth the extra time --take plenty to drink its hot and ther are NO concessions there it is wild lands!

We missed out the Yangtze cruise and went for Pingyao and Datong instead - good move ....the Yungan grottos and the hanging temple well worth a visit - would have been nice to. Spend more time at the Chan. Family courtyard - lovely but a rushed visit at the end of a very long day. The water town Whuzhen was lovely and the silk factory in Shuzhou was fascinating always wondered how they unravelled those silk cocoons. 

If you want silk quilts that is the place to get them ...plan this for the end of the trip as you don't want to cart them all over china. Remember that internal flights. Are limited to 20 kg luggage. 

When using the brilliant bullet trains ...board at the rear of the carriage as that is where there is space for luggage ...seats always face the front of the train. The racks are usually full and not use for large bags. 

Pushing and shoving is normal in China if you don't join in you will be left behind...In the stations aim to the left of the boarding gates as that is where there is an attendant. So you don't have to deal with the ticket machine and your luggage and the avalanche of people behind you. 

There are few on a whole who speak English but they can usually phone a friend if you need help and do so very willingly. Enjoy China it is great ...oh unless you really love large cities Shanghai is nothing you wont have seen anywhere else in China --
And finally don't miss the Teracotta Warriors. They blow your mind.

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