10 Days China Small Group Tour from USA

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Client: Mr.Mark Krezowski

Nationality: USA

Group Code: TCT-GT-JT-180510D

Pax: 3

Itinerary: Beijing-Xian-Yangtze River Cruise(Chongqing-Yichang)-Shanghai

Hi Joyce,

My pleasure to go to your site sometime later this week and add my comments.
There were so many great times, things and people throughout the trip that I will not even begin to mention them to you now. Just know we were extremely delighted. The only exceptions were - The Beijing hotel was not really a four-star hotel, all of the others were fabulous. Also, the food was fine; however, the best food we had was when we were having our own dinners finding local Chinese places.. The small community places where we would pick out our meats and vegetables in they would cook them in a pot or provide us with potstickers. Authentic local food. As I mentioned earlier, our son is staying now in Shanghai for the next eight weeks on a student internship program, and this was a great trip for him to get to see a broader view of China as well as settle in to some of the culture.
Thanks for everything! Mark Krezowski

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