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Self-driving Tour from Guangzhou to Detian Waterfall

Post Time: Dec 14 2011 By Charlie Chan

Detian Waterfall is the national super tourist attraction. Detian Waterfall is the largest waterfall in Asia and the second largest waterfall in the world that is stretched across two countries of China and Vietnam.
It is about 1000 kilometers from Guangzhou to Guangxi Detian Waterfall by self-driving, and national highway is the first choice for the journey. If you choose to drive through the provincial highway, it is about 800 kilometers. It is more economical, but time consuming.
Our choice is from city ringroad, passing Guangzhou-Foshan Highway, Guangzhou-Sanshui Highway, Guangzhou-Zhaoqing Highway and Guangzhou-Wuzhou Highway, getting to Nanning-Wuzhou Highway after entering Guangxi.
We chose to go through Naning-Wuzhou Highway and stayed one night at Guiguang, which was just half way of the journey. Many people chose to go straight to Nanning and stayed there for one night and drove another 280 kilometers to Detian Waterfall from Nanning the next day.
Actually, the perfect plan is to reach Daxing county on the first day and drive another 60 kilometers to Detian Waterfall on the next day. This plan offers plenty of time and most important, you can make sure to occupy one of the 200 parking space there. It might be very difficult to find a place to park after 3 hours driving from Nanning to Detian Waterfall.
Please remember, the closest and the best route is tuning into 316 provincial highway from G80 Nanning-Baise Highway. On our way back, we drove from Nanning to Beihai, and to Zhanjiang, Maoming, Yangjiang, Jiangmeng and back to Guangzhou through Guangzhou-Zhuhai Highway. The whole journey was about 2200 kilometers, and the cost for gas and toll fee was about 2200yuan, about 500 per person for a party of 4 people.
It was about 120 kilometers from 316 provincial highway to Detian Waterfall. There was no green belt in the middle of the highway and it limited the speed. But the view along the driving was pleasant, enjoying the fame of “ Art gallery along the hundreds kilometers of highway”.

We enjoy the beautiful view along driving

We saw the road sign of Detian Waterall when we were getting there at 3 pm. We had been waiting 2 hours to drive into the parking lot, as the waiting cars had lined up over six kilometers.

The parking fee is 10yuan, but it is not easy to pay, as there were so many cars waiting. The entrance fee is 80 yuan, and Detian Waterfall is right there.
Detian Waterfall is magnificent, with 3 levels from the top to the bottom. The falling water claps the rocks and the grand sound can be heard miles away.
There is a green blockhouse in the middle, which can be considered as a very obvious mark of the boundary. Vietnam is to the left of the blockhouse and China is to the right.

The above is the scenery in Vietnam
Detian Waterfall originates from the Guicun River in Guangxi Jingxi County. The river never dry up and flows into Vietnam and flows back to Guangxi afterwards. When the river goes to the cliff in Detian village in Daxing county, the water falls down the cliff and forms the 200 meters wide and 60 meters deep Detian Waterfall. The beautiful scenery at Detian Waterfall varies with different season. In spring time, the red kapok flower scatter around the silver waterfall; in summer time, the waterfall is even more magnificent as the river lever is higher due to plenty of raining. And we are now visiting Detian Waterfall in fall, the view is still fascinating, fortunately we missed the typhoon.
There are a few good spots for watching the Detain Waterfall. Your skill of photography might help you get different shots. This area is full of super strong negative ion.

The bamboo raft can take you to get very close view of the Detian Waterfall, and in the meantime, you have traveled to Vietnam, and this is only at a cost of 20 Yuan.

The nice picture taken at the bottom of the Detian Waterfall

Close view of the waterfall in Vietnam part

Vendors are all from the local village. Everyday they are very busy trying to sell all kinds of souvenirs to tourists.

It is about 2200 kilometers journey for us. But the experience of watching the Detian Waterfall in a short distance is marvelous, which released us from tiredness, also from the pressure brought by work and life. This whole trip is worthwhile.

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