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My New Year Plan

Post Time: Jan 15 2010 By Janet Chan

1)      To be a more tolerant person. Talk less, listen more
2)      Take a marriage picture again with my husband in our anniversary. I want to place all my marriage memory photos in front of us according to the times order on our golden marriage memory day is coming.
3)      Practice Yoga at least 4 times a week, come to gymnasium each a week, in order to be a strong mum in next year
4)      Lose the weight to make my husband happy
5)      Read 10 books about China history and culture, to be a more knowledgeable person before giving the birth to a baby
6)      Read English newspaper at least 15 mins daily to make my English more beautiful
7)      Make friends with my five clients, keep contact and talk a like an old friend, learn from them
8)      Travel at least one place from the three: Taipei, Tibet or Sichuan Province
9)      Go to attend Shanghai EXPO 2010
10)   Meet my Uncle Cary if possible, give him a hug, no matter in China or in UK
11)   Arrange a happy journey for my parents when my mother retire after Mar01, the journey would cover the two main cities, Hangzhou and Beijing, because Hangzhou is my fathers’ favorite city and Beijing is our great capital.
12)   Drive my car skillfully
13)   Learn to cook 6 more dishes Chinese cuisine, which I could show it to my friends and invite them for food
14)   Save money as I expected (I am not planning to let you know how much do I expected)
15)   To be the Company Advanced individual at the end of 2010

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Janet Chan

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