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Memories of East China

Post Time: Sep 14 2009 By Janet Chan

At the period of last year, I enjoyed my summer holidays with my mum in five cities of East China. However, this year, I have to sit before my computer and appreciate those photos after the work .During one year, a great change have taken place in my life that is my student life has come to an end and I work for a travel agency nowadays. I won’t have my summer holiday no longer. The travel experience in 2008 is the last one. Therefore I think it should be remembered in my mind. So the theme of my blog is memories.
I remembered that the first destination is Nanjing which is one of the most famous historical and cultural city in China. The other three are Xian, Luoyang and Beijing. We boarded the Yue Jiang Tower in a heavy rain.
 At the second morning, we went to Taihu Lake in Wuxi. She is the largest lake in East China. In the northwest of Taihu, there is a peninsula named Yuantouzhu. As the saying goes, if you are visiting Wuxi, you cannot miss Taihu Lake; if you are sitting on the boat, Yuantouzhu is the must spot.
Suzhou is third city of our trip. As we all know that Suzhou is famous for The
Gardens and The Springside.We chose Zhouzhuang Springside.
On the following day,we stayed in Shanghai. Shanghai left me the deepest
impression is the gray. The sky, the building, even people's face are all grey. The city seems a “grey forest”, and all have lost their original colors. However, the night of Shanghai is a different view. In my opinion, The Bund is the most beautiful place in Shanghai. I stood on the board and saw the night Shanghai. One side is million counties architecture, the other side is Pudong New Area. One side witness the vicissitudes of history, while the other one tell prosperity. The two sights of the both of Huangpu River are blend together in harmony.
The last stop is Hangzhou. We visited West Lake in the morning. The train took us home in 1:00p.m.
Actually, when I start to write the blog, I thought I would be sad because the travel may not happen once again. But the fact is much better. for I have a feeling of return. That’s great!!!

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Janet Chan

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