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Listen to the Rhythm of the Pouring Rain

Post Time: July 20,2010 By Sophie Huang

Yesterday evening, after experiencing a hot half month, Guilin was refreshed by a rain. When I listened to the rhythm of the pouring rain, I could not help shouting in a cheerful tone.
It was a hot summer since July had come. Cicadas were singing on trees all the time. Fans and air conditions were working without having a rest. As to humans some chose to swim for getting rid of the high temperature, some planned to travel to a cool place during their summer holiday and some thought to taste all kinds of fruit that can be found in this sunny season. It was a lazy period, a season that made all creatures hide in comfortable places and choose to rest all the time.
Just at this moment, a pouring rain had attack Guilin last evening. It came with a joyful pace and driven the laziness away. After this pouring rain, every one opened the windows to breathe the air washed by the rain, every one went out for a walk because of the cool night and every one had a good sleep without air conditions.

Thanks to the nature, she is always kind to the creature living in her arms and help humans when she notices their difficulties. So we should give more love to the nature and protect her with our hearts.

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