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Kuan Alley and Zhai Alley - A Cultural Symbol of Chengdu

Post Time: Nov 25 2013 By Vicky Lu

Kuan Alley and Zhai Alley are two alleys that are 250 m long and less than 8 meters wide. Because it is has a long history, so it is loaded with stories that people feel more width hearts. The alleys in the city have gone through the history of the storm, recounting Chengdu old things and present days of Chengdu City.

The "narrow" of Kuan alley is the imprint of happy life, which the "wide" of Zhuai alley is the reminiscent of the ease of life. Happy and comfortable life and going with the flow attitude to life are the essence of Chengdu and the charm of this prosperous city. Just a narrow alley carries too much historical information and historical marks.

No matter how noisy elsewhere, in the Zhuai alley, the time is modest, as if back to the old days. You feel like being in the door of time tunnel while standing the entrance to the lane, all the troubles were stranded outside behind. People can not help but walk into the alley, to enjoy the leisurely time here.

Those white walls and blue tops, hollow bricks, long cornices and tall carved lintel always put people into the heart of the elegant and quaint mind, and along with the courtyards, lush verdant old wall of vines, leafy foliage alley of plane trees and Chengdu people tea, again added a full life to this alley.

Kuan Alley and Zhai Alley is ancient but not old, it has long been a symbol of Chengdu city. It is the leisure and cultural heritage of Chengdu. If there is no Kuai alley and Zhuai Alley, there will be less of fun. Time slows down here. Foreign tourists and photographers come here to take photos. They use the photos to enthusiately and carefully fixed in the memory of these old buildings in Chengdu that are full of folk flavor, with their eyes and lenses; backpackers from all over the world will invariably come to Longtang Inn in Kuan alley and Zhai alley and take it as warm and distinctive township; Chengdu locals, always love to come here to drink green tea or jasmine with light fragrance, taking a dip in one day; at night, seafood barbecue and beer supper will beautifully on the way, which make Kuan alley and Zhai alley the mottled night painted with more fashion and the lively colors.

This place is very suitable for a comfortable life, keeping you from the busy work and great pressure. You should really come here to spend the leisure time for some time.

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