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Impression of Wuzhen Water Town

Post Time: Jul 04 2018 By Vanessa Li

Last year, in the cold winter, my colleagues and I took a short visit to Wuzhen Water Town, one of the 4 grand Ancient Towns of Yangtze area. 

Wuzhen in winter is quiet, pure and low-keyed, but the view is so different when you travel there in an early summer time.

The whole town is built along the rivers, while the river courses crisscrossed in the town. Approaching to the water is always a good idea to avoid the summer heat. So it is a nice summer resort.

Wuzhen is a graceful town with clear waters, wingding paths, soft sunshine and ladies with graceful manners 

Ancient stone bridge, still water and late Qing-style folk houses along the banks

As a famous tourist destination, you may find many stores, restaurants and tea houses are built along the river bank, however, they fit well, and seem to blend into the surroundings. Less peddles, no many tourists, it is a place to let go of your mind.

The whole town has been divided into two sections, the East Gate and West Gate. East Gate has well kept its original look and plain folk custom, while West Gate area is more commercialized in recent years. 

The quiet East Gate

Night view of West Gate that lit by the lights

Anyway, take a leisure stroll along the bluestone alleys will be a good way to appreciate the peaceful atmosphere of this town, which is so far away from the busy and noisy city. Time is a little bit solidifying here.

Like many ancient towns and cities, you can find many nameless hutong and alleys hidden behind the main streets, quiet and even have a run-down looking. 

A narrow winding alley

The bright sunshine pass through the tree top and lit up the leaves that covering the house

A big red knot hanging on the front gate of another house

The wooden lampshade

Palm that planted in a small courtyard

The riverside house

Let's back to the main street. 


Simple stone bridge 

Gentle orange light 

Local popsicle seller

This tea house has two floors, it is the second floor, from where, you can have an overall view of this street

Another green leaves covered house

The eave 

Local People

The wobbling Wupeng Boat is somehow the symbol of Wuzhen

However, one day is too short for a visit here. I anticipate another tour here, might in autumn, or spring...


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