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I love Guilin Marrayland

Post Time: September 18,2009 By

I don’t know why I just love Marry Land so much although I have gone there for many times. May be she have the magic. I remember most is my birthday tour in this year at marray land. My boyfriend and I spend a wonderful day here.
In May, the weather was not hot in Guilin. There was filamentous rain floating in the air which made the air smelling so fresh. We took 1.5 hour and reached the destination- Xing’an Marry Land.
It was raining today so I wore a raincoat. Look at the lovely animals behind me, haha``` Actually, I don’t know what they really is!
Firstly, I will give the background information about Marryland. Marryland Theme Paradise with a land area of 60 hectares is the biggest investment in resort world. In 2007, it was evaluated by state administration tourism as AAAAA resort and passed the certification for ISO9001 and 14001 quality assurance system. It was evaluation as “2002 china tourism china well-known tourism brands” and “notation top ten paradise” was awaraded with the title of “Guangxi top ten best tourism resort”. The park has over twenty amusement establishes including mainly ultimate-speed motion, canyon raft ride, spookltouse venture, bumper car,corsairs,airship surfing,sihad cavalry,bungee jumping,etc.
Well show my picture and share my fun(*^__^*)
To enjoy the exciting symphony, you sit down to watch the fountain changing with the music!
Time of performance: 11:00 14:00 16:30

     Detonator is a splendid scenery line in American Wild West. It is 30m high and can contain 16 visitors. When you sit still on the seat, the pulling force will raise you sharply to a height of 30m, as if you have been thrown up into the sky by the huge hot wave upon explosion of the Detonator. With any recovery from that, it will drop vertically to the group all in a sudden. It will go up and down several times, making you to cry with fear and experience the breathtaking and exciting ventures in the sky (for persons with a height of at least 140cm).


     Corsair is one of the classic facilities in the park. The boat’s maximum swing angle will be 140 degrees. At the level of 17 meters above ground, you will experience personally the venture of pirates sailing the seas (for persons with a height of at least 90cm).

Performance of Hollywood Movie & TV Special Effect Show focuses on police-bandit gunfight, with the actual combat, fierce gunfight, spot blasting, overhead special effect and other techniques, so that the visitors will have personal feeling the in the field of big movies and enjoy the brilliant and shocking performances.

Time of performance:  11:00  14:00
Duration: 30 minutes
Location of performance: Hollywood Movie & TV Show Hall at American Wild West
Dear friendes, welcome to Guilin! Welcome to marryland to find your happiness!

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