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Have a Victory Harbor Cruise on Star Ferry

Post Time: Nov 07 2013 By Vicky Lu

If one goes to Hong Kong, he always wants to look at the scenery of Victoria Harbour, Tsim Sha Tsu, just like going to Victoria Peak. I have been to Tsim Sha Tsui for twice. One time is during the day, and the other is at night. And I also watched the light show in the harbor. And I felt it was very interesting. And there were a lot of people looking the night view with me. So it was a little crowded. If you did not go there for the purpose of watching the lighting show, you can go there later and avoided the crowded. The view at night in Victory Harbor is more beautiful than the view in the day. Especially, at some time, the weather is a little foggy and the harbor looks hazy. And if you often go to Hong Kong, you may get a little boring of here, sea, buildings, and crowded people. So if you have the chance to visit to Hong Kong, you should go to see some of the less well-known places in order to find funny and flavor. Of course, now more and more people come to Hong Kong just to go shopping or have the delicious cuisine as the top priority. 

The city of Hong Kong has faded it gorgeous coat, becoming increasingly common. However, it is also enduring charm is still there for all to experience it in person acquaintance with the sentiment. Like that wore a red dress girl watching the sea, Hong Kong, there is always a place to attract your attention.

For we stayed in Hong Kong Island, we chose to go to Central Star Ferry Pier in Tsim Sha Tsui. If you to go to the Victory Peak first, you can take the 15C Tour Bus. From the top all the way down, it is Star Ferry in the terminal. 

Star Ferry is one of the hallmarks of Hong Kong. It is the oldest of the three modes of transport here juxtaposed with the tram and the Peak Tram Hong Kong. So we can its importance is evident in this city. 

Enjoying the Star Ferry in the harbor scenery is one of important experiences in Hong Kong's tourism.

Yaling sailing boat on the harbor is important scenery, but it seems to only appear on weekends. Instead, the Auqa Luna sailing boating is a copy of Yaling sailing boat. It coms and goes around Victory Harbor every. Auqa Luna is known as Cheung Po Tsai in Cantonese, who is a famous pirate in Hong Kong in old age. I learnt to know Cheung Po Tsai while I was watching McDull Hong Kong has many stories about itself. People can inadvertently touch the history, or uncover a past while exploring its beauty. 

IFC on the opposite side is a new sign of the Hong Kong recently, much like Beijing Trade Center Tower III.

Left the beach, not far we could see the original Hong Kong Marine Police Headquarters and now it was called 1881. There are luxury hotels and shops inside. Here is one of Hong Kong's heritages with unique architectural style and taste. And the night view here is also very beautiful. In addition, Anthony is strongly recommended by the local Hong Kong people. So if you have a chance to come to Hong Kong, after your shopping, why bother take a Star Ferry Cruise to enjoy the essential beautiful of this city. The tour will not let you downtown. 

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