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Fuxi, My Hometown, the Ancient Cultural Village

Post Time: December 09,2011 By Vicky Lu

Fuxi Village - a Ancient Cultural Village locates at Hezhou, Guangxi, China, is about 100 km away from Hezhou City, 200 km away from famous tourist city Guilin. It will take you about 3 hours driving from Guilin to Fuxi Village, but only 1.5 hours to there from Hezhou.if you visit guilin,Top China Travel a best China Travel Agency recommended you can have a Extension tour to fuxi Village

Fuxi Village is a humanities scenic area that rich in historical and cultural relics. With pleasant atmosphere, long history and profound culture connotation, this village becomes one the major attractions of Hezhou City.

Many typical Song-Dynasty style architectures, the stone carvings and stone handicrafts can be found in the village, thus Fuxi, may has reached the height of its development during the Song Dynasty.

This village has a collection of time-honored dwellings and building complex and even entertainment sites, like the outstanding 13 sets of Clan Arch with delicate and unique decorations, the antiquated Wind and Rain Bridge and Baizhu Temple, like the ancient stage, stone inscriptions and home school, etc. Among them, the old-style private school of Chou Dunyi, the founder of School of Principle in Song Dynasty, and Mayin Temple entitled state-level major cultural relic preservation site, are the “must-go” attractions here.

In many of the local houses, folks will paste elegant scripts and paintings to decorate their living rooms. Drawings about lotus, chrysanthemum, plum blossom and orchid are the most popular ones. But for decorations on wooden windows and door header, patterns that carved in lucky Chinese characters like “Fu” 福, “Lu” 禄, “Jin” 金, “Yuan” 元, and Buddha/Taoism immortals’ statues are the best choices.

Moreover, people like to paint birds, bamboo, Chinese dragon and those lucky patterns on beams and bucket arches. 

Fuxi Village

Fuxi Ancient Gate

Fuxi Theater

Fuxi Ancient wind and Rain Bridge

Fuxi Ancient wind and Rain Bridge

Ancient Gate

A Cute Girl

Ancient Stage

Baizhu Temple

Baizhu Temple (One Hundred Pillars Temple) is the best preserved and most magnificent ancient temple in Fuxi, and it is a rare wooden pillars temple as well. It was first built in Ming Yongle (1413), which covers an area of ​​more than an acre. With a height of 6.13 meters and depth 21.94 meters, this temple is supported by 76 big round woodern pillars and 44 davits/bearing pillars, hence the name.

Baizhu Temple

Baizhu Temple

Fuxi Village is now a new developing tourist city in Hezhou. For a short-term plan, it will build some hotels, Inns, nice restaurants and relative tourist and entertainment facilities like Basketball court, Football field and swimming pools, etc.

We, hospitable people in Fuxi, warmly welcome you to visit our town!

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