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Famous Casino to Gamble in Macau

Post Time: Apr 29 2015 By Vicky Lu

Macau is a small place with small population of only 500,000. Macau is a very interesting place. A lot of churches in Chinese and western style and many casino coexist in town. Most of churches were established during colonial period of the Portuguese. Gambling in Macau has been legal since the 1850s when the Portuguese government legalized the activity in the colony. Since then, Macau has become known worldwide as the "Monte Carlo of the Orient".

Macau has 33 casinos, of which the biggest is The Venetian Macau. the second is the Sands, the third the new Grand Lisboa, the fourth Wynn. Other famous ones include Star, MGM, Crown, etc. Followed by MGM and interplanetary. Twenty-three casinos are located on the Macau Peninsula and ten on Taipa Island. All the casinos are decorated with luxury and magnificent facilities.

Macau casinos are showered in superlatives - biggest, best and most expensive. There are a few most famous casino to gamble in Macau, each with an outstanding reason to love it.

Grand Lisboa - Best Poker in Asia

Grand Lisboa is the oldest casinos in Macau. Grand Lisboa an iconic building set in the heart of Macau, located in the heart of the Macau Peninsula and is easily accessible by all means of public transportation. Being one of the tallest buildings in Macau, it can be seen from most locations and is well known by locals as the new landmark.

It is famous for having the biggest and best poker rooms in Asia. It is the first to bring in Western games, such as Texas Hold’em and craps. Also, it has one of the best reward programs for their members.
Grand Lisboa

Sands Macao - the original NKOTB

Opened in 2004, Sands Macao was the very first gaming complex owned and operated by an international operator with American Las Vegas style sine the open right of gambling in Macao Special Administrative Region. The total investment of it cost two hundred forty million US dollars. It is located in a seashore garden near to the Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal, covering a total area of about one million square feets. The magnificent internal had 277 gaming tables, four hundred and five slot machines, a combination of gaming and entertainment facilities, as well as Chinese, Thai, Japanese and Western cuisine for guests. You can enjoy with the games, dining or entertainment here. What make the Sands special is a chandelier that is over nearly 8 meters wide and36 meters long inside. Hanging over the chandelier is nearly six thousand light bulbs, which weighs more than 100,000 pounds. It looks magnificent and luxury.
Grand Lisboa

Venetian Macao - Largest in the world

Covering a total area of 550,000 square feet, Venetian Macao is the largest casino in the world and the hub for all international artists who visit far Asia. Whether it’s popstar Beyonce or NBA superstar Kobe Bryant, the Venetian Macao seems to be their stop to perform when they visit to the East. Venetian Macao is built more for recreation purposes than gambling. It is unbeatable for entertainment outside of gambling.

Venetian Macau (Resort) was invested by the Sands Group Las Vegas. The resort features three thousand deluxe rooms, a large-scale gambling venue, exhibition hall, shopping, sports, arts and recreational facilities, etc. The Grand Canal Shop Mall is the largest indoor shopping center in in the third floor of the resort, collecting more than 350 shopping stores for fashion, jewelry, accessories, gifts, services, restaurants as well as sporting goods.
Venetian Macao

Wynn Macau - Spectacularly Posh

Wynn Macau features two signature shows compared with other casino in Macau. The first, dubbed the Dragon of Fortune, puts on every hour and features a dragon that rises from the rotunda up to 28 feet in the air, with an animated head complete with glowing eyes and billowing smoke coming out of it's nostrils. The second show, the Tree of Prosperity, happens every half hour and sees a giant golden tree literally rise from the ground.

The above are the best and the most popular casino in Macau.
Wynn MacauWynn Macau

Tips for Casino in Macau

Casino Hours

Macau's casinos are never closed, whether at weekends or during holidays; in the day or at nights. The rules and regulations of Macau prescribe that casinos must not be closed at any time, unless exceptions like national mourning. If it needs to be, it must apply for government permission.
Famous Casino to Gamble in MacauFamous Casino to Gamble in Macau

Casino Rules 

All visitors must pass inspection and security procedures, like that in the airport. All should pull out all their metal objects, together with the carry-on items for inspection by the security personnel. And it is not allowed to bring cameras, video equipment into the casino.

Gambling chips

Visitors can not use the currency in Casinos, but can be exchanged for chips.
Famous Casino to Gamble in Macau

Gambling in the casino, you need the small round plastic cards labeled amount, that is chips. Players must replace chips at the counter first. Labeled amount on chip differs from tens of dollars to two hundred dollars. The largest denomination can reach two million.

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