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Chengdu Street Food Guide - A Bite of Chengdu

Post Time: Sep 12 2012 By Sophie Huang

Sichuan is not only a contributor to China’s scenery, but also a great one for Chinese dining culture. As a person who have deeply love for Sichuan cuisine, I would like to offer a Sichuan street food guide for your reference,
It is not a strange thing if a Chinese could not answer you how many kinds of Sichuan food and Sichuan cuisines. But it must be strange if a Chinese tell you that he or she doesn’t know what is Sichuan cuisine! Any one could not deny that Sichuan cuisine is not popular in China but also all over the world.
Why Sichuan cuisine is famous for hot? It depends on its geography and climate. Located in the southwestern China, Sichuan is a place with most wet days in the whole year. So Sichuan people apply peppers and chili to get rid of the wet feelings in the body. Thus, hot taste becomes the mainly style of Sichuan cuisine, but not all of it.
According to the history, the original Sichuan cuisine had been disappeared gradually in the continuous warring time. And the present Sichuna cuisine style is developed in the early Qing Dynasty. During that time, lots of immigrates came to Sichuan. And the eating culture among different groups came together and formed the modern Sichuan cuisine layout. Combined the Hunan and Canton cuisines cooking methods, Sichuan cuisine had gradually become one of the top four China cuisines in the late Qing Dynasty/ 
Sichuan cuisine features “hundreds of materials in hundreds of tastes”. Based on the basic tastes such as hot, salty, sour, bitter, one or more tastes will be added. Because of these creative cooking methods, Sichuan cuisine can be cook in about 18 tastes.
Now, let me posts some pictures of the Chengdu street food. 

Firstly, Zhangfei beef (张飞牛肉). Zhangfei beef shops can be seen in every where in Chengdu. The taste of Zhangfei beef is spicy

Longxu Crispy Cake (龙须酥), “longxu” in Chinese means the mustache of dragon. The white cake with crispy taste, while melt in your mouth immediately, so great!
The master to made this cake is skillful so that camera could not catch a very clear picture of each step. Just few seconds, and a box of it is finished.

The most impressive taste of Sichuan snack is “HOT”. It becomes a representative of Sichuan cuisine. In our impression, not chili no Chuan Cai! 

More about Chengdu street food could not be posted one by one. But it must do not miss the street food here. Try to eat as possible as you can, or you will regret to miss one of them when finishing your Chengdu tour! Without saying, just see the pictures following and image your own “A Bite of Chengdu”!

The final scene after finish all the Chengdu street food!

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