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Best Place to See Flowers and Plants in Guangzhou

Post Time: Jun 01 2015 By Vicky Lu

As a great metropolis, Guangzhou has many high buildings and large mansions. But as most of people have been living in reinforced concrete buildings for a long time, they might want to get near to the nature to see flowers and plants. Bu do you know where to see natural view in the this city? here I would like to introduce some best place to see flowers and plants in Guangzhou, where you can see different flowers in different season.

Yuexiu Park

Add: 960 Jiefang Bei Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou
Opening hour: 9:00-17:00

Yuexiu Park is named after Yuexiu Mountain in the park. Yuexiu Mountain consists of Yuejing Peak, Guihua Peak, Muke Peak, Lliyu Peak and other peaks. There are also three artificial lakes in the park: Beixiu Lake, Nanxiu Lake an Dongxiu Lake. So the whole park has beautiful landscape with natural scenery. Pavilions, palaces, corridors, pavilions and other garden scenic spots make it extremely rich in Lingnan’s features. In every spring and autumn every year, different flower exhibitions will be held in this park, which will attract thousands of tourists. In addition, there are Yuexiu Stadium and Yuexiu Natatorium, and Jinying Playground, Flower Hall, Guangzhou Art Gallery and other entertainment facilities.

Panyu Millions of Kui Yuan Garden Theme Park 

Add: Xinken Town, Nanshan District, Guangzhou
Entrance ticket: RMB 130
Opening hour: 09:00-17:30

Panyu Millions of Kui Yuan Garden Theme Park is located in Wangqingsha Town, Nansha District. It covers an area of 260000 square meters and here plants one million sunflowers, which makes it the first ornamental sunflowers paradise in the nation. All seeds of sunflowers are imported (mainly from Japan). There are other flowers in the park as well. There are sunflower base, rose garden, lavender base, joy and other scenic spots. You can find different flowers in different seasons.

South China Botanical Garden 

Add: 723 Xingke Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
Opening hour: 7:30-17:30
Entrance ticket: RMB 20

South China Botanical Garden is one of the biggest botanical garden in China, together with that in Beijing and Lushan, also one of the largest south Asian tropical botanical garden in China. There are Palm Plants Area, bamboo plants, gymnosperms plants, medicinal plants, tropical plants, aquatic plants areas, subtropical evergreen monsoon forest area and so on.

Liu Hua Hu Park 

Add: 100 Liuhua Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou
Opening time:5: 00~22:30

Liu Hua Hu Park has four small lakes has three big lakes in the park. It offers subtropical scenery as the main characteristics and is named after the ancient Liuhua Bridge in the park. In addition, there is a bird island with an area of more than 3000 square meters, where in inhabit more than tens of thousands of ardeidae there. And there is equipped with bird-viewing teahouse and platforms. There are many tropical plants, aquatic plant, and miniature garden and other ornamental foliage plants there.

The above are some large and famous parks to enjoy flowers and plants. THey are more suitable for families's tour to have a leisure walk around the parks.

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