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Beautiful Rural Villages around Guangzhou

Post Time: May 28 2015 By Vicky Lu

Living in urban area for a long time, many people yearn the simple and rustic country life. For adults who are under pressure from work, it can help to release their pressure in peaceful country world. and they could find that long-lost feeling with staying in rural home inns and eating farm-style; For young people and children in the city, simple and rustic country life is a kind of new world for them. Green hills and clear water, everything is full of novelty. In Guangzhou, one of great metropolis in China, skyscrapers can be found every where. But there are indeed some beautiful villages around the city for you to enjoy rural view, such as Xi Tou Village, Ti Mian Town, Xiao Zhou Village, Qian Gang Ancient Village, etc.

Xi Tou Village

Add: Xi Tou Vilalge, Laingkou Town, Conghua County, Guangzhou

Xi Tou Village was selected as the top of the most beautiful village in 2010 in Guangzhoy. There are many streams in the village, with a total length of 8 km. They are the main source of Liu Xi River. Xi Tou village is rich in plum, green plum, red persimmon, orange and many other fruit. Walking along the country lane into the village, you can see an archway at the gate of the village. Then you will see the biggest alley here. It is only hundreds of meters long and takes a few minutes to walk to the end. There are many old houses along the alley, as well as a variety of stalls filled with local products. The road is paved by stone, clean and tidy, which makes it looks like a kind of ancient villages.
Beautiful Rural Villages around GuangzhouBeautiful Rural Villages around Guangzhou
Xi Tou Village

Architecture in this village is very distinctive. There is usually a main gate facing toward main alley. After you enter the door, you will find anther small lane with rows of houses at the both sides. Seen from the layout, you can know that the village is not an ordinary small mountain village. It is said to be one of the most famous Jin Zili ancient architecture complex, which has about 180 years of history. And these buildings are part of the ancient building group.

Idyllic scenery around the village is quite beautiful, especially in spring and autumn.

Ti Mian Town

Add: Ti Mian Huadu District, Guangzhou

Ti Mian Town is located in the subtropical area. It is the only mountain town in Guangzhou city and has beautiful scenery. Forest coverage rate reaches more than 98% in this place, and said to be the "norther lung" of Guangzhou City. There are mainly Wang Zi Mount Forest Park, Gao Bai Zhang Scenic Spot, Zi Xia Mountain Village, Hong Shan village, etc. Every year around March, tourists can enjoy cherry in Zi Xia Mountain Village and rape flower in Hong Shan villag.

It is recommended to visit there in late February or March.

Ti Mian Town

Xiao Zhou Village

Add: 23 Xiao Zhou Gongbei Street, Haizhu District, Guanghzou

Xiao Zhou Village was built at the end of Yuan Dynasty and early Ming Dynasty. Here still retains life style in that time with small streams and ancient houses. Walk into the village, as if you are entering into a folk museum: houses are built along the river; ubiquitous old banyan with more than a hundred years old; ancient wells, etc. all this factors form a beautiful scenery of this place.

Qian Gang Ancient Village

Add: Qian Gang Village, Taiping Town, Conghua County, Guangzhou

Qian Gang Ancient Village has a history of more than 800 years. There are more than 900 houses in the village; some of them were built in the Song Dynasty, but the vast majorities were built in the Ming Dynasty. And the surname of most of the residents here is Lu. There is also a memorial temple, nine academies of classical learning and four watchtowers in the village.

Streets ground of Qian Gang Village is paved with pebbles, garden stone, bricks. No cement, no dust. Looks beautiful and clean.

The above are some popular beautiful rural villages around Guangzhou. These places are great destinations to enjoy rural and idyllic scenary.

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