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Appealing Danba in Sichuan

Post Time: Oct 10 2014 By Vanessa Li

We arrived in Danba in November, actually is late autumn season here, but starts from the green trees, red leaves still so appealing but because of the time limit, we can’t stay here to see more, otherwise, it will be able to take good pictures.
Danba Valley of Beauty--a desirable place. In the early years ago a photograph of Chinese Geography let me deeply fell in love with the Danba where hidden deep in the northwest Sichuan place. Bumpy all the way from Tagong and bypass Daofu because of the wrong route, from Daofu to Danba when arrived in Danba there is early night light. On the way when we crossed a place of canyon, and see what I heard before. The hot spring in the canyon, men and women bathing in the outdoor spring, the weather in November has been quite cold here, and the other day here snow heavily. Because the road is on the left side of the river water, and hot springs on the right side of the river, which is a bit far apart therefore it is able to see men naked soaking in hot springs in the hot spring, but female people is in another hot spring bath.
Here is called Valley of Beauty because here is rich in beauty. Before going to Danba I am holding a good wish, expecting to see Danba beauties. How desirable places! In the two days staying in Danba we have views of beautiful autumn scenery in the valley and the Tibetan village is surrounded by the dense autumn atmosphere, everywhere likes a xanadu. With ethnic characteristics of buildings lined up in the mountain slopes, and delicate adorn like the palace in the mountains green trees, what looks very beautiful. And I met a beauty of Danba, she gave me a deep impression that she is hospitality and she can sing and dance well.

Beautiful Tibetan Singing and Dancing in a circle
Special buidling in the village
Danba Tibetan Village

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