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Adventure tour to Mount Huashan in early winter

Post Time: November 29,2012 By Lux Liu

It is said that “Only one way on Mount Huashan" since ancient times. Mount Huashan is located in Huayin County, Xian, Shaanxi Province. It is famous for majestic, odd and dangerous since ancient times. The elevation of the highest peak is about 2100m. On Mount Huashan, there are cliffs everywhere and the mountain road is very steep. Lots of people go to climb Mount Huashan and regard the tour as an exploration. There are also lots of people come here especially, but when they ascend to the risk place, funky, give up halfway and return. The risk of Mount Huashan is one of its characteristics and it is also the most fascinating characteristic. Huashan is China's Five Sacred Mountains in China.

It is always said that “Mount Huashan’s steepness and dangerousness ranks world’s No.1” , muster up courage, I began my Mount Huashan exploration.

Path built along the face of a cliff
Adventure tour to Mount Huashan
The “Path” can be described as No.1 dangerous path on the Mount Huashan. It is just like a fairy chain embedded in the cliffs on the south peak. For years, the sky path has beckon heroes from all over the world to try their hand and experience thrilling climbing.
Sparrow hawk flips over

Adventure tour to Mount Huashan
"Sparrow hawk flips over” on the East Peak of Mount Huashan is the only and a very dangerous path to the famous spot-the place where the founding emperor Kuangyin of Song Dynasty and Chen Tuan ancestors played chess. The path was chiseled on cliff with cold iron chains. Visitors should face the cliff, tug the chain and climb down. Only a few visitors have the courage to climb down the cliff. 
To challenge the limits of climbing, you should choose to climb the Mount Huashan though the “ancient Huashan Road” from Huashan Valley at Xishan Gate. During the climbing, you can not only see the ancient road with a history of thousands years, but also can experience "QingchiChuang" “Baichixia” "Laojun furrows" and enjoy the fun of climbing tour.

Adventure tour to Mount Huashan

Qiangchichuan is located on t "Huixin Stone" in Huashan Valley Ancient Road. Here was original a fissure between cliffs, erecting 70 degrees. It was later extended into a road along the gap with 370 stone steps.  
Hundred feet Gorge   

Adventure tour to Mount Huashan
Hundred Feet Gorge above Qiangchichuang is also a risk Road with 91 stone steps and the visitors tug the chain and climb up..
Laojun Furrow

Adventure tour to Mount Huashan
"Laojun furrows" refers to a trough dangerous road above the hundred feet Gorge. It is used to be on the cliffy and erect rocks.
Adventure tour to Mount Huashan

Start from Xian in afternoon and you will arrive Mount Huashan at night. There are minibus and tricycle to the foot of Mount Huashan. It is usually starting climbing at 23:00, and reach the East Peak before 5:00 in the morning to watch the sunrise.

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