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How to Plan a Mt. Huangshan Tour for China Expats

Huangshan, one of the top ten famous mountains in China. Located in Huangshan City, southern Anhui Province, there are 72 peaks. The main peak, Lotus Peak, is 1864 meters above sea level. It is called the three main peaks of Huangshan Mountain together with Bright Summit Peak and Celestial Peak, and is one of the 36 peaks. Huangshan is a symbol of tourism in Anhui and the only mountain scenery in China's top ten scenic spots. It is now a dual heritage of world culture and nature, a world geological park, a national AAAAA-level tourist attraction, a national-level scenic spot, and a national civilized scenic tourist area. 

Mt. Huangshan
Mt. Huangshan

Recommended Huangshan Routes

Huangshan Mountain is divided into front mountain and back mountain. The front mountain is from Mercy Light Temple to Bright Summit Peak, and the back mountain is from Yungu Temple to Bright Summit Peak. The two routes have their own characteristics. In the front and back mountains, Huangshan Mountain is divided into several major scenic spots: Hot Spring Scenic Area, Yuping Scenic Area, Baiyun Scenic Area, Beihai Scenic Area, Dream Scenic Area, and Songgu Scenic Area. Each scenic spot is very interesting. Among them, the dream scenic spot has been newly developed in recent years and is a new hot spot in Huangshan tourism.

Most popular Huangshan tour
Mt. Huangshan

4 Days Mt. Huangshan Highlight Tour

Mt. Huangshan, Tunxi Old Street, Hongcun Village

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You can also travel in Huangshan for 3 days if your time is limited. If you would like to explore deeply or hope to take hiking tour, you could arrange more time in Huangshan and surrounding areas. Read  more Huangshan tours.

Huangshan Highlights

Appreciate The Strange Pine and Rock

The most strange thing about Huangshan Mountain is the strange pine and strange rock, which distinguishes Huangshan from other famous mountains.

The beauty of Huangshan Mountain begins with the pine. The pine trees in the mountains of different shapes and the stories derived from them have made countless tourists have a unique feeling for the pine of Huangshan. The strange rocks of Huangshan Mountain are also amazing, such as Flying Stone, The Immortal Pointing The Way,  A Monkey Gaping at The Sea... these ingenious and wonderful rocks are vivid and interesting and full of humor and fun. Strange pine and strange rocks are the highlights of Huangshan trip.

Watch The Sunrise and The Sea of Clouds

The sunrise and the sea of clouds have always been the most attractive sights in Huangshan. The sunrise of Huangshan Mountain is magnificent, and the sight of the rising sun from the peaks is shocking. The sea of clouds, one of the four must-sees in Huangshan, is even more fantastic. The scenery surrounded by clouds and mist is like a fairyland.

Every tourist who comes to Huangshan dreams of seeing the beautiful scenery of the "sunrise in the sea of clouds", but as a meteorological landscape, the sea of clouds and the sunrise are not seen every day. It takes good luck at the right time and place to enjoy these two great beauties.

Climb All Peaks of Mount Huangshan

There are many dangerous peaks in Huangshan, 72 of which are famous, which are divided into 36 large peaks and 36 small peaks. The most famous of these are the three main peaks: Lotus Peak, Bright Summit Peak and Celestial Peak. In the process of climbing Huangshan, conquering one after another, large and small, is a very fulfilling travel experience.

The peaks of Huangshan have their own characteristics: watching the sea of clouds at Bright Summit Peak, watching the sunrise at Lion Peak or seeing the mountains and small mountains at Lotus Peak... These are the highlights of Huangshan travel. 

Mt. Huangshan
Mt. Huangshan

Taste Huizhou's Famous Dishes

Anhui cuisine, one of the eight major cuisines, originated in ancient Huizhou, which is today's Huangshan City. The long history of Huizhou cuisine is also a witness to the thousand-year history of Huizhou and the rise and fall of Huizhou merchants.

Anhui cuisine has heavy oil, color and fire power, with various flavors and rich varieties. When you come to Huangshan, you must experience the unique flavor of Anhui cuisine, such as edamame, stinky mandarin fish, steamed stone chicken... these are classic dishes that should not be missed.

Walk around The Millennium Old Street

Tunxi Old Street is a historic street in the center of Huangshan City. It is composed of a main street and vertical and horizontal alleys. More than 300 Huizhou buildings of different historical periods constitute the entire old street.

Now, Tunxi Old Street brings together the most famous four treasure shops in Huangshan, antique jade shops, and time-honored Huizhou cuisine restaurants, allowing people to experience the feeling of ancient Huizhou; on the other hand, there are also literary cafes and stylish bars, where you can experience the vitality of Huangshan.

Hot Springs

Hot springs are one of the "Five Wonders of Huangshan". Traveling in Huangshan, bathing in hot springs is definitely the most unmissable entertainment experience. Huangshan's hot springs are of excellent quality and are suitable for all seasons, including winter hot springs. Piaoxue Hot Spring in Huangshan Scenic Area and Zui Hot Spring in Tunxi District are the two most famous hot springs in Huangshan Mountain.


Huangshan Hot Spring is very crowded during National Day, New Year's Day, Spring Festival and other holidays. It is recommended to avoid peak visits as much as possible.


The terrain of Huangshan is steep and the river is winding, so it is very suitable for rafting. There are many rafting routes in and around Huangshan Mountain, both exciting and soothing. In summer, in Huangshan Mountain, rafting is one of the most popular entertainment projects for tourists.

Watch The Show

If you are not used to the monotony of the night, you can choose to watch a Huizhou show. Among them, "Hui Yun" is the most popular. The ticket price of the show is not expensive. You can enjoy modern Huizhou opera, acrobatics, and local folk songs and other performances with local characteristics. This is an excellent opportunity to experience Huizhou culture through customs and folk customs.

Winter in Mt. Huangshan
Winter in Mt. Huangshan

Best Time to Travel in Huangshan

From March to May, September to October is the best time to travel in Huangshan.

March- May, September-October: The spring and autumn seasons of Huangshan Mountain are pleasant, neither cold nor hot, and there are not as many tourists as in summer. All the scenic spots are basically open. It is the best season to visit Huangshan.

June-August: Summer is the season with the most tourists in Huangshan Mountain. At this time, you can enjoy the green mountains and green scenery, and the field of vision is also very open. However, there are many tourists at this time, so you need to be prepared to line up for the cable car, and the hotel on the top of the mountain needs to be booked in advance. And from mid-June to early July is the rainy season in Huangshan Mountain, so be prepared for rain when visiting Huangshan Mountain.

November-February of the following year: Winter and early spring are the seasons with the fewest tourists in Huangshan, but if you are looking for sea of clouds, winter snow, rime, and ice, this time period is the best choice. If you are not afraid of the cold, you can come to visit, but many attractions will be closed in winter.

Huangshan Travel Dressing Guide

1. The climate in Huangshan changes a lot. It is sunny and rainy in the same day sometimes. You must pay close attention to the weather forecast and make preparation in advance. 

2. It is advisable to pack lightly for climbing, bring less luggage, and wear loose, casual and wind-proof clothes and shoes.

3. The temperature on the mountain is low at night and early in the morning, so you should prepare more sweaters and underwear to prevent colds from sweating.

4. It is best to bring a raincoat to protect you from wind and rain.

5. For the elderly climbing in winter, keep warm.

6. Huangshan has strong solar radiation, so you need to prepare sun-shading clothes and sunscreen.


Coats can be rented on Huangshan.

Hongcun Village
Hongcun Village

Huangshan Travel Tips

1. Huangshan Scenic Area is full of tourists, and you have to queue for a long time when you leave the mountain. It is recommended not to leave the mountain at noon or evening, and to avoid the crowds in advance.

2. The climate on the mountain is changeable, it often rains, and there is a big temperature difference with the foot of the mountain. It is recommended to prepare raincoats and warm clothing when visiting. It is recommended to bring some food up the mountain, the food on the mountain is very expensive.

3. There are many lodging places on the top of the mountain, mainly concentrated in Bright Summit Peak, Dispelling Cloud Pavilion, White Goose Range, Beihai and other areas. It is best to watch the sunrise from the Bright Summit Peak.