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Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street

Address:Shangxiajiu Street Liwan Guangzhou, China
What to buy: Local snacks, Guangzhou clothes

Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street is a showcase of traditional Cantonese architecture, especially pretty at night when it's lit up. Prices here are generally lower than Beijing Road, but be prepared to bargain. Remember to visit Liwan Plaza located at 9 Dexing Road on the east end of the street. You will find a good selection of crystal there.

It is the first pedestrian mall approved by the ministry of commerce of china in Guangzhou. Its daily traffic is as high as 600000 person-times. You’d better not look down on this small street, for it is a collection of lingnan architectural culture, lingnan dietary culture and lingnan folk customs. It is the first business street in Guangzhou City. Shangxiajiu consists of much unique and historical architecture, featuring the characteristics of Chinese and European styles. Also, there are a group of old famous stores, such as the Guangzhou Garment Store, Qingping traditional Chinese medicine market, and the Dalu Clock and Watch Store, Huangsha Agricultural Products Market.

Here is also home to many well-known restaurants and street food with local flavour, including the Guangzhou Restaurant, the Tao Tao Ju Restaurant, Lian Xiang Restaurant, Wenchang Chicken, Qing Ping Chicken and Taotao Ginger and Onion Chicken, Wonton Noodles, custard wiht double crème, etc. The street is about 2 to 3 km wide, and is open until 10:30 am, some shops until 11:00 am. At around 10:00 am - 10:30am, the street gets very busy with street vendors selling amazing local food, but also some gifts, electronic stuff, etc.

Visitors can see numerous bronze statues along the road, most of which are famous people of Canton or reflects the culture of the city. It's a good experience to walk into one of the unknown side streets within 10 meters; you will get to see the real China streets. It's safe, don't worry, and always perfect for some great pictures. The street is about 4 blocks/15 minute walk from Shamian Island which is a famous scenic spot in Guangzhou city, and about the same distance from the subway station. You can take a rickshaw or taxi to get to Shamian Island to have a leisure stroll there. However, it is highly suggested tourists to walk through the unknown side streets until you get there. It would be an interesting experience.

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