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Famous Flower Markets in Kunming

Kunming city has many shopping malls, shopping centers, specialty stores, large supermarkets, so shopping in Kunming is very convenient and easy. Each mall is very close to each other, and commercial areas are relatively concentrated.

One of the features of shopping in Kunming is that the flower market sell flower by Jin (a unit of weight, equals to 1/2 kilogram). Original famous Shangyi Street flower market has been removed, at present, the Chajie Street No.1 flower market is a good place for buying flowers, which is located at the center of Kunming. It is original Shangyi Street flower market, and is the city's biggest flower market in center of Kunming.
Dounan Flower Market (斗南花市)

Address: Located in Dounan Village, Nanchenggong County, Kunming
Transport: It is 18 miles away from Kunming, tourists can transfer No.12 bus in Juhua Village for around half and hour can get there.
Dounan Flower Market
Dounan Flower Market is a famous wholesale flower market, is the national heart of flower supplement, and also is one of Asia's biggest flowers trading market. Dounan Flower Market’s trading floor is super busy, it is worthy of the name "flowers sea", there'll be numerous varieties of flowers, so you can buy a big bunch of all kinds of flowers with little money. And Dounan Flower Market is also a good place for photography fans.
Jingxing Flower and Bird Market (景星花鸟市场)

Address: the middle of Jingxing Street
Transport: Taking No.56, 77, 92, 95 bus to Zhengyi Road
Flower and Bird Market

Located on Jingxing Street of Kunming downtown area, the Jingxing Flower and Bird Market is a shopping street in sowntown Kunming. It was originally the site selling flowers, birds, pets, insects and goldfishes to the locals. And here are some rare and special gadgets, and you can see some ancient buildings here. As business prospered, it has begun to attract more and more visitors, and has gradually developed into an enchanting shopping and sightseeing center with a true local flavor. A multitude of shops and stores stand along the long and narrow street displaying a huge variety of flowers, various kinds of rare plants.
Jiameng Flower Market (佳盟花市)

Address: Defu Road No.299, Guandu District
Transport: Recommending taking taxi
 Jiameng Flower Market

Kunming Jiameng flower market is 1.7 km away from Kunming international airport, 2 km away from the South train station in Kunming, the traffic is very convenient. Market overall area of 28000 square meters, in addition to the main products like fresh cut flowers, dried flowers, artificial flower, flower products, at the same time there engaged in Yunnan precious medicinal materials, local products, fruits, tea arts and crafts, etc.

Fresh Cut flowers are divided into cut flowers, cut leaves and cut branches, and is suitable for making flower basket, bouquet, bottle flower arrangement, etc, which has the ornamental value. The most commonly used fresh cut flowers are gladiolus, Chinese rose, rose, chrysanthemum, carnation, African chrysanthemum, anthurium, etc. Fresh cut flowers can retain freshness by refrigerating, radiation and other ways.

Shopping in Kunming

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