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Pearl River Night Cruise

As the third largest river in China, the Pearl River measures 2,129 meters in length, with its name deriving from the Haizhu Rock (Sea Pearl Rock). When the thousand-meter long Pearl River went through Guangzhou City, a huge rock island in the center of the river was scoured time and again and became smooth and bright like a pearl, called 'Sea Pearl Rock', hence the name 'Pearl River' for the river with this rock.

Dongjiang River, Xijiang River, Beijiang River and other branch river constitute Zhujiang River. The scenery along Zhujiang River is wonderful. Cruise will set sail from Tianzi Wharf and Tianzi Wharf separately, along the way tourists will pass Haiyin Bridge, Guangzhou Bridge, Haixinsha Islet, Guangzhou Tower, Liede Tower. The whole cruise duration is about 70 minutes.

Where to Take the Cruise

• Dashatou Wharf
Dashatou wharf locates at the downtown of Guangzhou, Donghu Park and Ershatou Physical Center in the east, and Dongdi Bridge and Haizhu Bridge in the west. Dashatou Wharf is the biggest wharf for tourist cruise in Guangzhou. Guangzhou government developed it into the biggest waterfront leisure square—Gangwan square (Harbor square). The Wharf can accommodate 12 cruises to berth at the same time.

Address: No. 466, Yanjiang East Road, Guangzhou, Guangzhou Province
How to get: take No.35、No.36、No.57、No. 61 bus to Dashatou Wharf bus stop

• Tianzi Wharf
Tianzi Wharf is used in the longest time in Guangzhou. Tianzi has the meaning of the first, and it was used as an exclusive wharf for officials. In those days, official Lin Zexu board at Tianzi Wharf to Humen to destroy Opium, which China opened a prelude to anti-aggression. And Sun Yat-sen board at Tianzi Wharf to work for revolution of China. Now the Tianzi Wharf is used for tourist cruise.

Address: the junction of Jiangzhou Road and Beijing Road, Yuexiu district
How to get: take No. 183 to Nanguan bus stop

Pearl River Night Cruise

Route 1: Tianzi Wharf→Baietang Pond→Liede Bridge→Guangzhou Tower→Tianzi Wharf

Route2: Tianzi Wharf or Dashatou Wharf→Liede Bridge→Guangzhou Tower→Tianzi Wharf or Dashatou Wharf

Route3: Tianzi Wharf→Guangzhou Tower→Tianzi Wharf


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