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A Useful Guide for Tourists Before Traveling to China

Updated: 2024-04-30

We should prepare many things before traveling to another place or country. Tourists from Australia and New Zealand should prepare many things before traveling to China. There are many aspects you should consider including language, customs, transportation, weather, foods, cities, hotels, Internet, payments, etc. You need to learn many things of China before traveling to it. This article is a useful guide for foreign visitors before traveling to China for your reference.


Visa Application

Generally speaking, if there is not visa-free policy between China and your country, you should apply for Chinese visa in advance of your planned traveling date. To apply for Chinese visa, you can look through the information on the official website of the Chinese Embassy in your country. Tourists from Australia and New Zealand should apply for the Chinese visa to enter China. Please make sure that you have got your Chinese visa before entering China.


Getting Online in China

To get online in China, there are several methods. You can purchase VPN online in advance of you travel to China. Also, you can open your data roaming in your cell phone. Buying SIM Card or E-SIM Card is also a good choice to get online in China for foreign visitors.


Hotels Choosing in China

Tips for choosing hotels in China. Please note that not all hotels in China can accept foreign visitors. So, please confirm with the hotel in advance to make sure your trip going smoothly. While choosing the hotels in China online, you should consider many elements including location, facility, transportation, price, environment, etc. After choosing some hotels, you need to compare you list and choose an ideal hotel for you.


Payments in China

Cash, bank card and digital payment can be accepted in China. You can exchange Chinese yuan at the banks in your country or at the airports or hotels in China. Not all the shops, restaurants and other places in China can accept foreign bank cards. Digital payments are popular in China, and if you want to experience the convenient mobile payments in China, you can learn to how to use Alipay and Wechat Pay in China. You just need to install the APPS on your phone and add you bank card in them.


Transportation in China

Traveling in China, the transportation you will use are subway, train and planes because you will travel to several cities in China for a trip. There are subways in many places of China, and the taking is very simple for foreign visitors. And you can experience the high-speed train in China, which is clean, fast, comfortable and steady. The planes in China are also convenient and fast, which is the best choice for long-distance journey.

Avoid the Public Holidays in China

If you want to avoid the crowds while traveling in China. You’ better avoid the public holidays in China such as Spring Festival, Labour Day Holiday and National Day Holiday in China. To get the specific time of the vacations of these festivals, you can search them online to check them. During these festivals, the traffic in China is very busy because there are many domestic tourists in China. Besides, there are many tourists in China during the summer vacation and winter vacations of schools.

Useful APPs on Your Phone

There are some useful phone APPs 0you can install before your trip in China. You can reserve the hotels in China at the Trip.com APP on your phone. You can buy the train tickets at the Railway 12306 phone APP. To make payments in China, you can install and register on the Alipay or Wechat. At Wechat, you can communicate with people in China, which is like the WhatsApp. At Dianping APP, you can find many delicious foods to taste in China, and you may know about the discounts at this APP. Amap APP in China is convenient in China as a mapping APP, it is more accurate in China.



Maybe you will be afraid of the communication because you do not know to speak Chinese. Take it easy. Most of the young people in China know speaking English basically. Chinese are friendly and warm-hearted if you need help. And there are many translating APPs in the phone. Even if you do not know how to speak Chinese, you can communicate with Chinese through the translating APPs.


Not all the toilets in China provide tissues

Traveling in China, please always take some tissues with you because not all the toilets in China provide tissues. It will be embarrassed for you when entering the toilets without tissues. The best way is to check if you have brought tissues(both dry and wet) with you. And you can know about the toilets in China in advance on the Internet by the experiences of the travelers who have been to China. You can get prepared for the toilet using by that.


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